You now have the most powerful weapon in the game of runescape. It's known as "god's whim" it can melee mage, range, and RS Gold range from the same staff. It is extremely powerful in terms of att and the rate of hitting. Step outside the castle wearing your weapon and you'll be able to be able to see the final split screen in the quest (alot I know, but it must go off with the noise) when you reach your god, who hands him those weapons that the other two god disciples had used. He wants you to follow him. On the balcony when you see 200 soldiers laying on the ground. Your god lifts up the weapons and tells you to follow him. ....

"Hereby (name) is sure to always be remembered by all the inhabitants of Runescape, so in that in this order, I'm making (name) an honorary god !!!!" Crowd cheers. You look at your god and he whispers "dont worry about it, you can play on Runescape whenever you feel like it. Just don't take it down." At that time you see the god drop his two weapons onto the ground. You also see the sky changes and you spot an alignment of stars that appear to be YOU... The crowd roars "YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN." The search is finished... Good job! !

Well in my nooby days(by nooby I mean more nooby then I am) I'd sometimes ask people if I could glimpse their skill cape emote. Sometimes I'd get a yes, while other times I'd see something like stfu or something similar to that.

Then I thought of this. You could ask the person who hands you the cape with a skill and ask "Cool cape, can you see the emote" They would demonstrate the expression. (it could be hidden within the cutsceen, so that others wouldn't see it) it would be an one-time thing and you wouldn't be able to return and request it again and again. If I wanted to get the emote to runescape buying account theiving, I would be able to go to Martain Thwait and ask him if I could see the message and the cutscene would be opened and he'd show me it.