With the rapid development of realistic sex dolls, we pay a lot of attention to their human appearance. There have been a lot of custom items out there and some of them surprised me when I wondered if I could choose this one too. This time I would like to introduce the latest customization options currently developed by Chinese love doll manufacturers.

Adult love doll automatic vaginal lubrication
I was really surprised when I first heard this! Here comes the love doll that automatically releases the love juice of your dreams! I think the sex doll torso is great because it has been developed so far. Out of curiosity, I asked the manufacturer what this function is. In fact, automatic lubrication does not mean that the love doll feels friction and secretes more and more love juice, but it will become more slippery with a little water. Before the real sex fight, put a full cover of water in the small hole and bring it to a boil to distribute the water evenly. Then attach the female lower body and enjoy as before! You don't have to buy water-based lube jelly. You save money with this.

It's a little disappointing that this technology currently only works with detachable vaginal sex dolls. Conjoined love dolls can be difficult to clean, so this sacred function is not yet fulfilled. But technology is moving faster than I thought. Integrating real-life dolls will soon be able to use this technology. When that day comes, you probably don't really need a real woman.

Life-size sex dolls make sounds by touching their bodies
Do you want her reaction when you touch her in a dream? I was so excited when I got a sexy gasp from my mouth. Now, we've created a feature that allows TPE sex dolls to respond to your touch using touch sensor technology. This is actually a feature many years ago, but it's even better than the recent experience​​​​​​ Before, you could only pronounce two dots. Two dots refer to both nipples. If you want to hear the voice of a cute love doll, you should always think "I have to rub my chest..." when you stretch it. If you can't concentrate, your sexual experience will be a bit negative.

The current articulation function has evolved into 5-point touch of nipples, genitals and thighs. You can slowly touch her sensitive areas of love at first sight during foreplay and use your fingers to elevate her mood. Kiss first, then rub your breasts, then move your hands down, squeezing your thighs, and you may get an erection.

There's also a love doll that will change pitch depending on how fast you insert it as she works by hand! Install the vibration sensor, slowly touch the G-spot, you will hear a relaxed gasp, "Hmmmm", and if you touch it hard, you will hear a big gasp, which looks very comfortable. it will appear. I think this feature is a huge step forward in recreating authentic sexual experiences. Now you can immerse yourself in a sex paradise with her dreamer and spend the most sensible time. Forget all the unpleasant things and enjoy exciting sex.

Life-Size Love Doll Finger Skeleton
No matter how realistic the love doll is, you can easily identify it as a doll with your fingers. The reason is that the finger skeletons of traditional real-life dolls must be assembled with several stainless steel wires and then wrapped with cloth. I can't bend human knuckles naturally. In 2020, a Chinese sex doll maker developed a new technology called a finger skeleton. It mimics the knuckles, with the fingers combined with a three-layer stainless steel rod. This makes it move more like a human finger and is less fragile than a traditional ball of string.

This option is good news for Mr. Dole, whose main purpose is photography. Make your high quality love doll look more realistic. You can naturally make gestures that bend your fingers, such as holding an object, making a piece, or making a cat's hand. But the custom fee doesn't come cheap, as it's rather difficult to manufacture compared to the old finger skeletons. Based on current assumptions, I would expect an additional fee of around $800 to $1000.

You can customize items not in options!

Some people have special habits. Some people like men with beards, some like women with armpit hair. In fact, we can also customize hair transplantation for special parts that are not included in the customized project. Earlier, a customer ordered a boy lover doll and was asked to have arm and leg hair transplanted. If you have the reference picture of the desired quantity, you can send an email to ask the factory if it can be achieved. When the factory resumes normal production, we will send you an additional cost estimate for each part. It's not an option on the website, so if you pay with a credit card, you'll have to transfer the fee separately. In the case of a bank transfer, our staff will manually correct the price and then email you the bank account information and the actual rock and fee.

After you receive the finished picture, if you need to modify the quantity slightly, we will accept it for free. There are additional fees depending on the manufacturer. If you have any dissatisfaction, please let us know at this stage and the factory will repair it until you are satisfied. If you would like to have hair transplanted in a special area, please feel free to contact us via email.

On the back menu of another miniature sex doll sales site, there are many brands that freely combine bodies and heads from the same manufacturer to your liking. I fell in love with this baby face at first sight, but I think a lot of customers get lost every time because the style is erotic and exactly what I wanted. You can see that some sales sites also have avatar libraries to choose from, but OkSexDoll is not ready to provide this part of the service. However, if you want to change your head, we can basically respond to your request if you contact us.