Composition of adult sex dolls
First, let's talk about TPE. TPE materials have been developed to replace rubber and latex. It is a synthetic material with the high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity and injection molding properties of rubber. Environmental protection, non-toxic, safe, wide hardness, good colorability, soft hand feel, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and heat resistance, more than 85% of adult products in the world are used.

The main chain structure of the molecular structure of silica gel is SiO2, which is why it has high elasticity and a soft touch close to human skin. In the history of the development of physical dolls, rubber, latex and silicone have not experienced TPE. You can see we started making dolls in China. All dolls are silicone dolls and meet international standards.

The origin of TPE sex dolls
TPE sex dolls, which appeared around 2010, were adopted by Chinese sex doll manufacturers. The manufacturing process and material costs have been greatly reduced, and sex dolls can now be purchased cheaply. Due to the different molecular structures of the two molecules, TPE is superior to silica gel in terms of ductility, elasticity and flexibility. Silicone has a higher density than TPE. In terms of material, TPE is obviously softer than silicone, and the early silicone dolls are softer than TPE.

The process of making real silicone mini sex doll
However, over time, silicone sex dolls did not enter the stage of history and continued to exist as high-end love doll products. This is due to the continuous improvement in the manufacturing process of silicone dolls. The advantages of silicone dolls are normal temperature perfusion and liner design. That's 80% of the doll's flesh and blood, and the silicone is 2-3 cm thick on the doll's skin. The padding design is due to the high density of silicone. The weight of the doll is on the silicone. The thicker the rubber, the heavier it is. The liner is generally a very light material such as foaming agent, with low density, solid filler, and not soft.

To solve this problem, the breasts, buttocks, lower body, buttocks and inner thighs of the real-life dolls are all empty during the manufacturing process. After the padding is complete, add soft padding to adjust the silicone thickness of the part. Silicone injection. Take a doll's breasts as an example, you can think of it as the actual breast process of softening the breasts. Put a piece of soft material between the inner liner and the silicone, and adjust the thickness of the silicone to 2-3mm. The breasts are very soft and have a milkshake effect. Silicone breasts should be softer than TPE breasts. Using this process to make silicone dolls, the effect is the same, and it is softer than TPE dolls.

TPE and silicone love dolls pursue softness
Whether realistic sex dolls are soft standards is up to everyone, but do we still need to distinguish whether it is the skin of real dolls or these important parts? The former must be soft, the latter must be soft. To put it simply, the current TPE dolls are generally soft, which depends on the properties of TPE and silicone materials, but the key parts are not as soft as silicone. Although the silicone doll is soft, the skin is not as soft as TPE. This is determined by the process of making love dolls.

At this time, both materials occupy their own markets, indicating that each has its own advantages, so when choosing a doll machine, you must first understand your own needs before making a choice.