Looking to migrate to Australia? Are you aware of the scarcity of workers in Australia in the sectors of health, engineering, construction, etc., and if you have expertise in any of these, you might qualify to apply for an Australian Skilled immigration visa? To know more regarding this visa, read further.

Australia Skilled Worker Visa

The Australian Skilled Worker Visa has been intended to grant individuals of specific occupations the chance to apply for a long-term work permit in Australia with no sponsor or employment offer.

In addition, it is not necessary to complete 3 months of specified work (farm work) that is obligatory on the working holiday visa.

There are numerous sectors of industry in the land down under, for example, healthcare, software programming, and engineering, that require workers but have a scarcity, at the moment. If you’ve professional expertise in any of these areas, you are eligible to apply for an Australian Skilled Worker Visa.

Who Is Eligible For This Visa?

The Australian work visa is meant for those with a career in any occupation mentioned in the skilled worker shortlist and who wants to move to Australia without any sponsor or job offer letter.

The Government of Australia has a list of jobs that are highly demanded. If anybody has expertise in any of these areas, then he or she can file an application for this visa.

The age of the Australia Skilled Migration applicant should be below 50 and have fluency in the English language. To see if they qualify for this visa, the Australian government marks their application form on a points-based system. To attain the visa, you are required to score at least 60 points.

About The Points-Based System

The points-based system gives the applicant a score that lets them know if they are eligible or not. The applicant should score more than 60 points to be considered for this visa. It considers a number of factors, like language proficiency, age, educational qualifications, and work experience.

Documents That Are Required To Apply For Australia Skilled Migration Visa

As you file an application for a skilled immigration visa, you’ll have to submit documents proving birthplace, education, and past employment experience.

To apply for this visa, you’ll have to submit:

  1. A duly-filled visa application form
  2. Visa fee
  3. Certification of birth
  4. Proof of employment experience
  5. Copy of your CV
  6. Proof of language proficiency
  7. Police clearance certificate

Moving to a new country can be daunting, mainly for the first-timers. If you want to move to Australia as a skilled immigrant, you will have to apply for an Australia skilled immigration visa.