Step By Step Guide For Creating A Blog Logo

You've picked a niche, create your blog or website, and now you are ready to make any last-minute changes before going live and letting the world know what you stand for. But you then remembered that you missed a blog logo.

At this stage, your mind must be thinking that you don't need a logo for your blog but remove that thought instantly because the blog logo is as essential as your business logo.

It doesn't matter if you're a professional blogger or a hobbyist with a lot of expertise in a particular field; every blog and website requires a logo.

But Why Blog Logos Are Essential?

Because there are so many blogs out there, you're more than likely going to come across a topic that has already been discussed elsewhere. Over 20 billion blog posts have been seen on WordPress's platform, and 77% of internet users read blogs on a daily basis.

Visitors to your site will need the means to distinguish yours from the many others in your field when they first arrive. It's unlikely that a reader will ever discover you again if you don't have a logo or any other visual indication that helps them do so.

Having a logo for your blog will also assist you as,

  • Make a good impression on the first meeting – As a result, if done correctly, it will entice visitors to come to your site again and again.
  • Build your brand's visibility – With a logo, you can become the best in your field and gain your readers' trust.
  • Define your company's brand/blog – Creating a strong emotional connection with your audience via your blog's emblem can help you build a following of long-term readers.

Let's get down to the business of creating now! In order to create the ideal blog logo, here are five steps simple steps that you can follow

Your Audience Is Your First Priority!

Your audience always comes first, so remember the decisions you make here will significantly impact the remainder of the phases in the logo creation process.

If you're a lifestyle, fashion, travel, or personal finance blog, the logo you create must connect with your target audience.

Consider your topic, and then think about who your ideal reader is for that issue. What type of readers are you hoping to attract? Who are you aiming to reach? Identifying information about your intended audience, such as their age, gender, preferred hobbies, etc., may help your blog succeed and assist in creating the most relevant logo.

Colour Theme For Your Logo

If your blog or website has a Colour theme, your logo's Colours should match or complement those in the site's design.

Your logo may serve as the basis for a whole website design if you haven't yet decided on one.

Colours have a significant impact on your audience's perception of your message. This is because each Colour has a distinct "personality" that impacts people's subconscious thoughts and feelings. For example, red evokes passion and energy, whereas blue connotes trust, power, and dependability, black symbolizes boldness, etc. Although before you choose your logo's Colour theme, do some study on Colour psychology!

Right Font Is As Important As Any Other Thing!

Choosing a wordmark logo for your blog is the most crucial part of the process. You'll want to pick a typeface that best reflects the personality of your blog.

However, it is entirely optional but doesn't skimp on this stage, even if you've incorporated an icon in your design, your typeface will still carry a lot of weight!

Script fonts and bespoke typefaces are popular choices for blog logos because they provide an added layer of personality to the design.

That being said, just like with colours, the fonts you choose should be appropriate for your blog's target demographic.

Also, keep in mind that difficult-to-read typefaces end up resulting negatively as they are not as eye-catchy as the logo should be!

Make A Few Versions

All the components of your design, including your icon, should be finalized at this time. Using a variety of logos, you'll be able to see which one looks best on your website therefore create several versions to differentiate.

To ensure that all of your design elements go well together, you may want to experiment with different shades of the same Colour theme.

Can Use A Logo Design Tool Or Professional Logo Designs Services

To build your logo, you first need a general notion or idea of what the finished product will look like (that might be your thought or dream idea).

Then you can take help from design tools like Photoshop, online or software logo creators, etc. to create your own logos in the comfort of your own home. And if you need any professional help, type 'professional logo design near me' or 'custom logo design service' on google and can avail yourself professional help easily!