If boring and white-on-white is what comes to mind when you think of opal, think again. Sure there are stones that are fierce and hidden in their fire, but there are also those who will set you on fire for their glory. Opals is a truly unique gem. Really! No two are the same in pattern and color. You can confidently say that no one else has an opal pendant like this one.


History and Myth


This opal earrings got its name because of its maridescent appearance. The name Opal is derived from the Greek words "Opallus" and the Latin word "Opalus." Consequently, these words mean seeing changes in color and gemstones. Like many gemstones, the myth attaches a mysterious power to opal. The ancient Greeks believed that it gave a person an ability to foretell the future. Some believe that opal helps to prevent the effects of aging. If it helps, why not slip on an opal wIf all or an opal bracelet? It certainly wouldn't hurt!


Origin and Chemistry


Opals are mainly from Australia. In fact, about 95 percent of the world's supply of land comes from Australia's four largest mines. Rock crashes occur in Mexico, Brazil, Nevada and Idaho.


Opal is very soft and soft. Their composition is actually silica gel, which is what happens when silica is introduced into water. Opal hold water and about 6-10% of its water composition. Due to its adaptable nature, it grows wherever there is space and takes on the shape of that space. Because it is very soft- 5.5 on the Mohs scale, the opal ring is less effective, certainly for everyday wear. The opal pendant stands out better because it is less likely to hit and scratch it when worn.


Birth stone and species


This unique and soft gemstone is likely to be the October birthstone. There are so many colors and styles to choose from to celebrate your birthday or someone else’s. For a bold piece of birthday stone jewelry, you can combine a black opal bracelet with a diamond with black opal diamond earrings. Black opal is the most bold of all species because black acts as a striking contrast of blue, green, red and yellow. However, it is also very difficult to find and, as a result, very expensive.


Instead of planting a strand of pearls, why not look for white opal and diamond pendants. They are just like the old ones, but also the unexpected and beautiful. White opals are not as bold as black, but very beautiful. Instead of bright and vibrant, the colors come in as soft and pastel.


Between black and white lay semi-black and light opals with different shades of bright and pastel colors. Crystal opal has no color- not black or white. It is also clear that the only color you see is fire, the difference in light.


Whatever part of the opal jewelry you choose, take care of it. The opal ring makes for a beautiful family heritage, but not when it is scratched or cracked. Follow your instructions on cleaning the jewelry so that your opal jewelry will last for generations to come.