Are you looking for the best male sex doll to make you feel alive again? Then you are at the right place. Male love dolls are great for all women out there looking for sexual satisfaction without commitments. Besides, widowers, bi-sexual couples, and gay men can also capitalize on these dolls. They are made to exhibit all the best features of a real-life male. But the main emphasis is on the sexual parts. For example, most of them come with a huge penis, muscular bodies, fine hairstyles, above-average height, a realistic looks.

Male sex dolls are very advanced, and some can even press your boobs as you go down to suck their penis and so on. The industry seems to grow every day by adding features that will improve your experience. There are a few things that you need to consider to get the best sex doll to achieve your fantasies and sexual desires.

How to choose the best male love dolls

These are some of the most important things you need to consider before choosing a male sex doll.


There are two types of materials used to manufacture male sex dolls, i.e., TPE and Silicon. Both are premium materials because they are good at making the dolls look and feel realistic. However, TPE is core material thanks to its affordability and durability. Let us have a quick look into their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of TPE- Thermoplastic Elastomer

  • Lower production costs which translates to affordable quality dolls
  • It retains warmth like a real person
  • TPE dolls are known for maintaining their original quality for years
  • TPE makes visually appealing and realistic dolls
  • TPE is 100%  hygienic-  Non Toxic and no allergic reactions
  • It is odorless –No weird latex smell
  • TPE is softer Squeezable and flexible
  • A strong tear resistance with good elasticity

Disadvantages of TPE

  • Sensitive to extreme heat

Advantages of silicone material

  • Heat resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Realistic
  • Silicone has a long service life
  • It has a soft texture


  • Very expensive
  • Poor tear strength: Needs additional ingredients to make it stronger

Size and weight

It is important to consider weight and height before buying a male sex doll. This is one of the most prevalent features because it makes them more attractive. A little bit of weight for male sex dolls is good as it is one of the things that makes you feel the strong manly effect. However, I wouldn’t recommend going for very heavy dolls as it is hard to maneuver them around, and it amounts to more shipping fees. The best range is between 30kgs -50kgs.

Flexibility and customization

You can still customize a few things, such as skin tone, age, hair, and eye color. One of the most important parts that you should pay attention to is the penis. Some will feature a removable or adjustable penis. Also, you should consider the standing function as it helps improve more aspects and various ways that you can use the doll.

We have made the work easy for you by preparing the best male love dolls of 2020. We can guarantee you that any doll you choose below has been manufactured following a strict process and by top artists and designers.

1. Life-size Mature Muscle Male Sex Doll Aaron

Life-size Mature Muscle Male Sex Doll Aaron 170cm (Silicone Head)

If you are the kind of woman who likes cute men, this doll will be a great choice. Aaron has been designed to look attractive, just like that movie star or singer you secretly admire. The best thing about male sex doll Aaron is that he has realistic features. For example, he has these great abs and muscles that most women cannot resist.

His physical appearance is the main reason why he s the top doll of 2020. Not every day you get to meet a doll-like Aaron. Do not think twice if you are looking for male sex dolls to satisfy your lust.

Another great thing about Aaron is that he comes with a great hairstyle. This is one of the things that women always realize first in a man. He is customized to appear like an artist. If you do not fall for him for the abs and the extra-large penis and abs, then you will definitely get attracted by his looks.

 Sex doll Aaron is for those women or men that want to feel lively again when it comes to sex. Whether it’s oral, vaginal, or anal sex, this doll will do it in style, and you will end up wanting more and more. His skeleton is made of steel but configured with movable joints that will allow you to get comfortable.

While sucking his dick, Aaron can squeeze your boobs. This feature is great as it will help activate your sex drive.

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  • The body is made from TPE, while the head is made from silicon hence appearing very realistic.
  • Aaron features a steel skeleton with movable joints for easy positioning during sex.
  • Suitable for different sex styles such as anal, oral, and vaginal sex
  • He has a perfect height of 170 cm
  • It can be customized with eye color, skin color standing function, and heating function.
  • Aaron has nice short hair, which complements
  • Gifts included

2. Mature Sexy Male Love Doll Jackson

Realistic Lifelike Mature Sexy Male Love Doll Jackson 167cm

Jackson is an excellent option for those women or men that love mature men. He has a masculine body that will make you admire him even more. Moreover, he has a unique hairstyle and perfectly shaped face that you will need for in love with at first sight.

He comes with a 7-inch adjustable penis that is ready to satisfy all your fantasies. Jackson is also made with a steel skeleton and movable joints that allow you to position him whenever you want. Besides, if you love tall men, then you are going to love Jackson. He has a height of 170 cm, which is the preference of most women.

Jackson is one of those rare handsome men to find. He is a unique personality, good looks, and an excellent sense of fashion. You will never have enough of this mature male love doll. He also has some natural pubic hair and a beard that makes him even more attractive.

With Jackson, there are so many things to do apart from having sex. He will be a great companion without many commitments. You can participate in other activities, such as playing different roles in your favorite movie. Sex doll Jackson is always ready to submit and give you the best sex experience that you can ever wish for

Check the price here.


  • He is made from TPE material, which makes him look realistic.
  • Jackson features a 7-inch adjustable penis for maximum pleasure.
  • The package comes with gifts that aid in the maintenance.
  • You can customize some of his parts and features, such as the eyes and the heating function.

3. Mature Handsome Male Sex Doll William

Mature Handsome Tall Male Sex Doll William 180cm

Sex doll William is the best for women or gay men thanks to his handsome appearance. He features a long silver hair color that makes him distinct from other men. Moreover, he has a great height and other dominating body features such as muscles and abs that you will love.

William has a huge six and a half-inch size penis to satisfy you. He is suitable for all sex styles, such as anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Another great feature about William is that he is made of TPE material. This makes him appear and feel realistic, which is a big plus for you.

William sex doll features a steel skeleton with moveable joints that allows you to place it in any position. You can also customize it with other cool features such as the standing function, heating function eye, and skin color. He has a perfectly shaped face and all the best features you can ever wish for in a man.

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  • Long silver hair that makes him more attractive and unique
  • Huge and adjustable penis. (6.4 inches long)
  • Made from TPE material that makes him more realistic
  • Steel skeleton with movable joints for easy positioning
  • Suitable for all sex styles. I.e., anal, sex, oral sex, and vaginal sex
  • Above-average height of 180% that most women and gay men like
  • Customizable with both free and paid options
  • Gifts in the package

4. Kim Nam Joon Asian Male Love Doll

Full Size Asian Korean Male Love Doll Kim Nam Joon 175cm

Do you have a thing for Asian men? A recent study shows that Asian Men are the most handsome in the world. Thanks to their beautiful skin, nice hair, and great body. Many women and gay men admire Asian men. Kim Nam Joon is one of the most handsome male love dolls that you can buy.

He comes with all the dominating features of a sexy man. For instance, he has a substantial veined penis to provide you with maximum pleasure. This doll is great for all types of sex, i.e., anal, vaginal, and oral. Buy this doll today if you are looking for sexual satisfaction. Kim Nam Joon submits whenever you want him.

Thanks to his quality build, Kim feels like a real-life man. He is made from TPE material that makes him look even more handsome. TPE is one of the premium materials used to

manufacture high-end sex dolls such as Kim Nam Joon.

Check the price here.


  • Kim features a beautiful Asian Korean Look.
  • He has nice hair that makes him more attractive.
  • This doll is made with a steel skeleton with movable joints.
  • Made from high-quality material (TPE) that makes him realistic
  • Above the average height of 175 cm
  • Gifts included

5. Oliver-Muscular Male Sex Doll

Realistic Life-size Muscular Male Sex Doll Oliver 175cm

Do you admire muscular men? Then this doll might be the perfect choice for you. Whether you are a man or a woman and you like watching men with six-packs and big muscles, you will not resist Oliver.  He comes in tan skin color and a height of 175cm. The skin and the eyes can be customized using our free options.

Oliver also features brown hair, and he likes both old and modern fashioned things. If you love hanging around handsome men, then you will enjoy the company of Oliver. Moreover, he is made from TPE material that makes him appear realistic.

It’s not easy to find male love dolls like Oliver. He has a unique style and very attractive. Besides, he features a huge penis that will be able to satisfy your lust. Whether you like anal, vaginal, or oral sex, Oliver will serve it all. But this doll today and get to satisfy your fantasies of an attractive and sexually appealing man

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  • 7-inch long adjustable dick to satisfy your lust
  • Suitable for all sex styles
  • Features a height of 175cm
  • Made from high quality and realistic material (TPE)
  • The skeleton is made from steel with movable joints.

6. Mason-Black Male Sex Doll

Realistic Life-size Black Male Sex Doll Mason 167cm

It is perceived that black men are really good in bed. If you want one of the best black male l; love dolls available on the market, then Mason is the best choice. Nothing can go wrong with having a doll-like Mason around you. He will satisfy your sexual drive with his huge penis. Mason’s good thing is that he is always ready for you whenever you feel like getting down.

Mason is also made from high-quality TPE material. This also makes him look realistic. He has strong muscles and a six-pack that you can enjoy touching and kissing as you make love. His dick is huge and long enough to make you scream or moan during sex.

This doll also features a steel skeleton and movable joints. They help a lot in terms of positioning and also showcasing his body muscles or his huge penis. He has a bald style, but you can customize him with different types as you wish.

Check the price here.


  • He has an average height of 165cm.
  • Mason can offer you either vagina, anal, or oral sex.
  • Weighs 47kg
  • It comes with gifts that help in the maintenance.
  • Made from high quality and realistic material, TPE

7.James-Full Body Male Love Doll

Real Full Body Young Male Love Doll James 158cm

If you are a fan of the Japanese anime or Manga series, you will love James. He is young and very active in bed, thanks to his desirable male features. It is an excellent option for all those men and women looking for an exotic type of doll.

He can be positioned in any position thanks to his movable joints and steel skeleton. James also comes with a huge penis that will help satisfy all your sex fantasies. aThe good news is that you can have him whenever you want because he is always ready.

Although he is a young doll, he can make you feel satisfied as equally as a real-life man. He has a height of 1587cm and an 8-inch long penis. This male love sex doll can be used for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. His standing functionalities make it easy for you to have sex in more different positions.

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  • Easy to clean detachable penis
  • James features silver-white hair
  • Weighs 34kgs
  • Allows oral, vaginal, and anal sex
  • Made using a steel skeleton with movable joints for easy positioning

8. Allen: Young Realistic Sex Doll

Young Muscular Realistic Male Sex Doll Allen 160cm

If you are into young men, then this one is for you. Allen is a young and muscular sex doll ready to satisfy your lust with his huge penis. He has a sense of style, and he likes hanging around beautiful or handsome men. He features all the excellent features that make a man sexy.

Although he appears to be young, his penis size dictates otherwise. Allen has an average length of 160cm and can be positioned to serve you in wherever way that you want it. The good news is that Allen is fond of all the sex styles. Buy this male love doll tonight and start the journey to satisfy your sexual desires.

Check the price here.

  • Allen weighs 34kgs
  • He has a perfect height of 160cm.
  • Gifts such as underwear and a blanket included
  • Skin color and eye color customizable options for free
  • Best for oral, vaginal, and oral sex
  • Made from high-quality TPE material
  • Made of a steel skeleton with movable joints

Final thoughts

The demand for male love dolls has skyrocketed over the previous years. The need to get sexual satisfaction and companionship is the reason behind the spike. Besides, male sex dolls Both women and gay men are actively looking for that perfect sex doll that will make them satisfied in bed. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best sought male sex dolls of 2020.