Digitrac tractors are the leading manufacturer and provide innovative agricultural mechanization solutions. It offers innovative products ranging from tractors to harvesting and post-harvest equipment. In addition, the company offers a huge range of tractor models in India, and the HP ranges between 47 HP to 60 HP. First, let’s look at the Digitrac tractor with complete specifications. 

Top 2 Digitrac Tractor Models in India

1. Digitrac PP 46i

  • Digitrac PP 46i comes with a Double Clutch.
  • It has 3 Reverse + 12 Forward gearbox.
  • Moreover, Digitrac PP 46i has a superb kmph forward speed.
  • This is equipped with Oil Immersed Brakes.
  • It has a steering type is Balanced Power steering.
  • It offers a large fuel tank capacity of 60 liters for long hours on farms.
  • It has a strong Lifting capacity of 1800 kg. 
  • Digitrac PP 46i Price in India starts from Rs 6.82 and goes up to Rs7.52 Lakh*. 

2. Digitrac PP 51i

  • Digitrac PP 51i comes with a Double Clutch loaded with constant mesh side shift technology.
  • The gearbox is equipped with 2 Reverse + 8 Forward gears that promote smooth operations. 
  • It runs on a superb forward speed of 3.0 - 34.6 KMPH and reverse speed of 3.4-12.3 KMPH. 
  • This two-wheel-drive tractor is manufactured with Oil-Immersed Brakes to reduce slippage and maintain adequate grip. 
  • Digitrac PP 51i steering type is Balanced Power Steering with a single drop arm column for trouble-free operations.
  • It offers a large fuel-efficient tank capacity of 60 litres to last for long hours on farms.
  • This tractor provides a strong lifting capacity of 1800 kg with three live ADDC linkage points.

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