Swaying-Heals energy of 79 over 27 seconds and 65 construction. These beds are in fact a hammock, as you'll need to OSRS Gold carry the Swaying logs to the worker at the digsite and he will transform it into a swaying hammock! You need to get real palm trees so that you can hang them however, and occasionally the palm trees can slide over you as you sleep.

Hollow-Heals 84 energy over 28 seconds - 70 construction. They can sometimes collapse, but if they do, you fall into them for a limited time, and you can obtain certain "under the bed'' items. Dream-Heals 96 energy over 29 seconds-75 construction. This Bed allows you to go into the dream world for a short period of time, allowing you to cut more Dream trees as well as to discover Dream Runes (Used in Dream Magic described later).

Regular pillow- Collect 15 feathers, use them inside an appropriate pillow case (bought from any retailer) then use an needle and thread to finish it off! It gives you five extra hours of energy throughout the night!

Rainbow pillow-Collect up to 15 Rainbow feathers and put them with a pillow case (bought from any general store) Use a needle and thread to complete the project! You will get 14 additional hours of energy during sleep!

Dramen pillow-Collect 15 Dramen leaves and Cheap RS Gold put them in a pillow case (bought from any retailer) and then apply a needle and thread to finish it off! You will get 27 additional energy levels during your sleep!