Title: Professional Translation Services Houston  

Description: Accurate translation services Houston are often required by students, businesses and individuals to communicate with their clients and customers 

Translation Services Houston  

Get secure, accurate and certified translation services Houston TX at competitive prices done by experienced native language translators.   


Trusted Translation Services Houston TX 

Vanan Translation is a company providing professional translation services in and around the city of Houston. We are considered a quick and affordable translation company in Houston that maintains top quality and high accuracy in the final results.  

 Our translation services in Houston TX are popular because of the wide range of industries we serve. The cost-effective prices of our services are open to each and every industry you can think of. It includes everything from academics to automotive, entertainment to research, medical to media and many others. 

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Quick Document Translation Services in Houston 

All the above-mentioned industries and other professional organizations hire our Houston translation services for a variety of documents. Each industry has its own terminology and related documents to be translated. It is important to understand the type of document and the related industry terms before performing the translation.  

Our team of translators work along with industry experts to complete your projects with the highest accuracy. In fact, they also have knowledge specific to industry. We give access to your project to linguistically fluent translators with an understanding of the related subject and its unique terminology.  

We offer customized services in accordance with the project requirements and the language combination needed. Additionally, we also have dedicated solutions for a particular industry like Houston legal translation services.  

Our company has certified translators who are eligible to perform certified translation services in Houston for all your important documents, certificates and USCIS papers. We also provide notarized translation services in Houston TX. 

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What Services Do We Offer 

We are one of the high-quality translation agencies in Houston. We provide translation services across the following fields. 

“Software “Website “Audio “Voice over “Speech to Text 

“App “Document “Pdf “Book “Business  

“Script “Certified “Game “University “Professional  

“School “Letter “Video “Court and Translation Services  

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File Formats We Accept  

We support all file formats including audio, video and digital file formats: Tape, Cassette, cd, flv, Mp4, Mp3, AVI, wav and more. We also Support website source file for web page translation: .asp, .doc, .xml, java, .rtf, .txt, .php, .html and more.  

Languages We Translate  

Our native translators convert from more than 250 languages in and out of English. 

“Arabic “German “Japanese “French “Russian “Portuguese  

“Irish “Polish “Dutch “Spanish “Urdu “Welsh  

“Korean “Latin “Chinese “Greek “Italian and many other languages 


About Houston  

Houston is a major metropolis in the state of Texas. It is the country's fourth most populous metropolis, with a population of over 2 million people. The city's mild climate and diversified culture are well-known. Houston is home to some of the country's greatest schools and institutions. Rice University, the University of Houston and Texas A&M University are all in Houston and are among the top universities in the country. Menil Park & Neighborhood, Space Center Houston, Twilight Epiphany Sky space, Museum of Natural Science, etc. are some of the attractions is Houston. Houston is home to many large companies, including Phillips 66, Halliburton, and Sysco. The city is also a significant energy industry center, with companies like ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips headquartered there. Several aerospace and defense companies in Houston, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin, are also significant contributors to its economy. In Houston, several translation services will be required by these companies. Most Houston translation services offer a variety of translation options, such as in-person or online translations, as well as different levels of accuracy and turnaround time.  

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What We Translate  

Our team of expert native translators are not only linguistic experts but also have knowledge about specific fields like medical, law and more. We can therefore translate a variety of documents with complete precision at competitive prices.  

 We translate the following official documents and certificates to and from any language:  

“Profile “Technical Document “Diploma Certificate “Email “Transcript Translation “Birth Certificate  

“Passport “Marriage Certificate “Visa “Driver's License “Contract Agreement “Divorce Certificate  

“Degree Certificate “Financial Statement “Legal Document “Report “Case Study “Immigration  

“Death Certificate “Curriculum Vitae “Invoice “Police Certificate “Resume “History