With the population explosion that we are facing in recent times, we are constantly putting more and more strain on the natural resources on this planet. Natural resources are limited, and we have to learn how to use better the resources we have. We must ensure that we leave enough for the future generations to come. We cannot sustain the consume everything practice that we are in at the moment. We have to think ahead and start making intelligent green choices now to continue our species.

With so much pollution in the environment everywhere, from the air to the oceans, depleting rainforests, melting glaciers and ice caps, we will not sustain this speed of consumption for much longer. Since much of this planet is covered with water, it is an infinite resource; actually, its not. Most of the water in the oceans and the other water bodies is not possible for human consumption, let alone irrigation.

We need fresh water for that purpose. Our bad habits have even altered the climate patterns. Still, we have regular climate activity in most places. One such naturally occurring phenomenon is rain which brings drinkable water for us. We have to try to harness the power of this resource; instead of installing water purification systems or building dams that take up so much land and resources, if we can store the rainwater, we can elevate so many of our water-related problems. Stored water from these rain tanks can easily be accessed using Rain Tank Pumps in small households. Following are the benefits of reusing rainwater.

  • They are easy to maintain
  • Give us access to an independent water supply
  • They are cost-effective and reduce water bills
  • Lessen the strain on groundwater levels
  • Act as a supplement during droughts
  • Help in reducing soil erosion and flooding by storing access water

Many points to consider can affect individual households and be implemented in any house.

After storing water comes the question of using it. It can be used for various purposes, from drinking to irrigation. It can also be used for the beautification of your house. If you have an ample supply of water year-round and do not need the rainwater for much else, you could install a water fountain or some other water feature so that you don’t let the rainwater go to waste. You live in an apartment and do not have enough space, and you can install a small storage tank somewhere and use that water in a water feature inside the house for aesthetic purposes. At least you are not letting that water go to waste. That water can be fetched out using a Water Feature Pump. Imagine how cool it would be to have

a small fountain in your living room and telling your guests that it uses stored rainwater.