Wave 35 jad cannot be avoided, so even if you suck at prayer switching you'll have to complete it at least one jad. Smokey's strategy of RuneScape gold standing in the west and walking towards jad isn't necessarily necessary. Place yourself on the NE side of the rock and apply invulnerability crystals right away.

Attack jad once so you can put a dagger on it, and then mage the meleer to death. Jad will then be the only thing that can attack you. Haraken's head can only spawn on the W,E,and S sides.

I'm happy to have done this Slayer challenge. The challenge is over. So, I took up Sumona's challenge and killed the infamous Kalphite Queen. Clicking my sig image will show my personal stats to help you remember.

Full void gear + mage helm, amulet, ring of slaying, the classic cape. Forumers, I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on how I could best approach this challenge without failing badly.

Everyone, get ready to vote down because I have another issue... I own one of those treasure chests from Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure many of you are as well. It's been sitting in my account since I've completed the quest since I'm unsure of how it functions or what to do with it.

Yes, you can put it in a grave to host your own private treasure hunt. But that's all. I'd like putting the prize inside and bury it. But how would anyone else get it open if I'm required to pin it it or give keys out. That kind'a defeats the purpose I suppose? If I bury it one specific world, does it exist in all universes and not just the one I buried it on?

It will remain buried in that place forever and forever, and always? And how do other people discover it, or even realize that one is buried in a place? Another thing I'm concerned about is that I'm not sure I want to announce a treasure hunt. It's a 99% certainty that someone will try to turn the whole thing into a scam eventually or not.

In the moment, I don't have an idea what to do. Personally, I don't have any feelings of attachment to the game or account as well as the pixels. I know it was my account at first and I was also the person who first started it and saw it through to the level 100 battle, but the thought that one person, regardless of how he succeeded in getting my account, put so much energy and time into it likely more than I did in the past is a huge blow, and cheap RS gold it can make me feel guilt for having my account reactivated out of curiosity. So, eh, if you're still reading, do you have any ideas?