The basic idea is the same as in the past: begin with a new team, develop with luck and perseverance the best team of players in the history of football and play in predetermined challenges offline mode NBA 2K Coins, offline modes and all kinds of variety game online. Each little step is rewarded that we make, transforming our achievements into awards and encouraging us play one more game with amazing rewards.

When it comes down to new features, the most interesting feature is myTEAM Draft that is in essence similar to FIFA's FUT Draft as well as fascinating: these are qualifiers with amazing prizes. Each time we begin an exciting new Draft we will have seven very exceptional card packs and from the contents of them , we can pick the 13 that we prefer or interest the most to build the perfect team.

This means that we are now able to enjoy a new and powerful multiplayer component which in turn lets us keep collecting and taking part in the other MyTEAM content. Sometimes it's because of the desire for more, but sometimes it's due to an intentionally promoted FOMO syndrome, and most all the time because of sheer enjoyment and competitiveness.

The most popular, MyTEAM is the most benefit model of the recent shift in which The NBA 2K saga has taken toward a highly recognizable calendar of seasons and events. Especially when options were added to encourage particular aspects like collection or competitiveness between players. The way he makes use of NBA's own license and its star-system has continued to be Cheap NBA 2K22 MT, to the delight of the fans, among the most convincing claims of this year's edition.