We can often see sex doll torso priced from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some netizens don't know the real price of sex dolls, they sell them at high prices, and there are also malicious transactions.

It takes at least 3 to 5 days to make a real sex robot, longer for special orders.

Robotic sex dolls are very expensive due to high manufacturing costs and complex manufacturing processes. So there is a big difference between thousands of real dolls and hundreds of inflatable dolls.

For many people, having sex with a sex doll feels more like masturbation than actual sex. But you're probably going to have the best masturbation experience, so I say do it this way. It already has many features for real sex partners to give you an almost lifelike sexual experience. Satisfy your needs. Sex dolls don't complain about you, but they are your best listeners.

Today, TPE soft rubber is increasingly used in the love doll industry. The hardness and physical properties of the TPE material used vary by manufacturer. This knowledge may be familiar to manufacturers who are very sophisticated in the manufacture of adult products. Those unfamiliar with or interested in the silicone sex doll industry may know little about this material, as they have never been exposed to TPE.

Thanks to modern sex doll technology, we can create extremely accurate and lifelike replicas of female bodies. If you can't find the anime sex doll of your dreams in the catalog, please contact us and you will receive a unique product made just for you.