If you don't have a plex.tv/link server enabled or want to watch free content while on-the-go you can. Simply head to plex.tv/watch-free and click the Watch Now button. Sign in or create an account and the interface is virtually the same as other platforms. Plex retains personal information you provide to create your account for as long as you maintain an account with us. Personal information used to provide the services to you will be kept long enough to provide you with the service, including in archives and logs used to maintain and develop the service.

When you want to watch the movie you added, you open Plex tv link on the device you want to stream it. Sign in and you'll find the new movie in your Plex Media Server library. You can use the same method to add new TV shows, or other media files, to your Plex library. Our free streaming does not require any special hardware. All you need is your supported Plex player app. As mentioned, it is a free service, available to everyone, and does not require any Plex Pass subscription. Do I need a VPN for my Plex Server? - Quora. It just depends on the level of security you feel comfortable with. If you only want access to your content while connected to your home network this is not necessary. If you want to make your Plex Server Public than might be worth doing.

Plex, a media library application, includes support for Netflix via a plug-in. The Netflix plug-in adds Netflix as an option to the videos section of your Plex tv code media library. You can use the plug-in to browse Netflix, search for available movies and TV shows, and watch them from within Plex. Plex has teamed up with Let's Encrypt to provide our users with high-quality secure certificates for your media servers, at no cost to you. There's no need to set up VPNs and no need to create and install your own certs. You can safely and securely connect to your media no matter where you are.