Black magic is a serious issue for both the victim and the practitioner. It's evil magic and should never be used for harmful or good intentions. However, a black magician still uses it to cause mental, physical, or financial harm to others, which is wrong. Suppose you also have even the slightest doubt that you are being affected by black magic, and it's stopping you from living everyday life. In that case, this article is beneficial for you as we, as Occult Mystery, will tell you what black magic is with some ways to Cure Black Magic and how you can get permanent Protection From Black Magic.

What is Black Magic?

As per occult sciences and the philosophy of magic and witchcraft, black magic, also called witchcraft, uses supernatural powers for evil and selfish intentions and performs harmful practices to destroy someone physically, mentally, or financially. It can be performed using the victim's hair, clothes, photo, or by looking directly into the eyes (evil eye), but that's enough theory to scare you, which is not the aim of this blog. So overall, black magic is evil magic. Moving on to remedies for the black magic healing section.

Remedies for Black Magic Healing

These are some Home Remedies for Black Magic Healing, be sure to go to a white magic practitioner after performing these methods to get a protective shield to prevent future attacks and live everyday life.

  • On the night of Amavasya, take a black thread and tie seven knots at equal distances on it. Rotate seven dried red chilies seven times, pack them in a black cloth, flame the fabric outside your home after putting some oil on it, and wear the thread on your right ankle. On the same night, donate seven unprinted black clothes to different people.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Rotate salt seven times over your body anticlockwise and dissolve it in any water body.
  • If you think you are being attracted to more negativity or your aura is unusual, burn camphor every morning and evening in your home.
  • Mix black Rai, Tulsi leaves, mint leaves, lemon peel, Til seeds, and Nilgiri oil in boiling water for 7 minutes and divide it into that many equal portions and pour each part over your body for a week.
  • There are several Poojas you should perform at your house if you think the evil eye is harming you. We strongly recommend Chandi Paath, Kaal Bhairav Pooja, and Durga Saptashi Pooja.
  • We would also strongly advise you to keep the Bhairav Yantra in your house to strengthen your aura, as it is a shield that can protect you from negative energies.      

Important Point: If the symptoms are extreme such as bruises, itching, burning, and stinging pains on various body parts, or your body is not responding to medicines, when sick, or you are having suicidal thoughts and shortage of breathing, please consult an expert white magic practitioner for proper healing and protection to get relief and continue living everyday life.       

For more tips on Black Magic Healing and effectual cure, consult Occult Mystery.