If you stick hair sticks into it under the holder gives you yet another quick variation.Style your pony with bangs: If you have thick bangs or side swept bangs then this simple faux hawk style can be tried on for size. All you have to do is pull back your hair in to a pony and then make a puff with bangs using bobby pins or clips.Or you could combine braids with a pony as another way to go. Do your typical low pony tail. Braid that. Then twist the braid into a bun which is held in place with pins.Another approach would be to create a high pony with wet hair that you've conditioned. Leaving some strands out that can be used to frame your face. Allow to air dry before combing again to give it added volume. The resulting look is both soft and feminine.With nine different styling options on the basic theme of a pony tail there are plenty of ways anyone can get a rather elegant and spirited style. Giving you many slightly different ways to style your hair that revolve around your basis pony tail.Hairdressing or hair dressing arranging was original used as a decorative way to celebrate a ceremony or used symbolically. Generations ago you would find that the primitive male would plaster their hair with clay and then proceed to decorate it with trophies or badges.In ancient times women were described as fair maidens with long flowing locks. Middle ages brought about a turn for women with fashionable clothes. It was appropriate that a coiffure was as decorative as their gown.In the 1960’s and the early 1970 hairdressing underwent a big change for men and women with the introduction of the ladies close bob and long sideburns for men.Hairdressing styles went to the extreme in the eighties with the rattails, dreadlocks and punk hairstyles and most of the customers queuing up were men!Men have taken to asking for the shortest hair cut with Wahl hair clippers with some of them asking for a fancy pattern on their head.Hairdressers are fanatic about keeping their tools up to date with the latest technology. Scissors are important to a hairdresser as they are an extension of their creative mind.Buy wigs uk from https://www.yneed.co.uk, these are Quality Hair Extensions that will become secret of your beauty, Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions