Green Tea: Everyone knows how beneficial green tea is. It removes all the toxins of the body, and if you use it regularly, it also detoxifies your body. It is very beneficial for you, and it even helps you with your weight loss journey.
Extracts of lemon plant: This is a natural component extracted from the naturally grown lemon plant. It is a significant source of vitamin C and will enrich your body with vital proteins and vitamins.
Sativa: This component is one of the best components which this product has. It is a plant-based form of sugar. It is induced in this product (Keto Burn DX UK) to make it even more delicious and give it a good taste. Sativa will not harm your body in any way.
So, above mentioned were some of the ingredients which this product has. Along with all these, vital proteins and vitamins present in this product help your body in numerous ways.

Keto Burn DX UK