In addition to the dungeoneering, I'll attempt this task master I've heard many times about. After four things though..I need RS gold more ideas. I am aiming for around 8-10 ideas in total.

I don't really know what I should suggest since I'm not sure what it is you're interested in, but I've put together a list of random goals I have that might help you get some ideas. I'd like to acquire: The top rank (6) Hood (looks awesome) Hood (looks awesome) I currently have three levels at the moment as well as the commander MA title and 300 MA rank for the rings that are imbued; 75 Soul Wars zeal for an Abyssal Demon pet and Runecrafting robes (both that of Runespan kinds (look cool) as well as the RC guild one (pretty useful)).

Quest cape (you likely already have this but in case you don't this is a great and entertaining objective) and Top Chompy bird's head (personally I prefer the red one, however it's only 2 more kills) Minigames Hybrid Gear 99 Construction so that I can build a cool house (I am aware that this is technically training skills but my objective here is to build a cool house , not just be able to complete 99). There are a couple more , but can't recall them at the moment.

I've been away from RS for about 3 years now, and am planning to return. I've been researching a lot of the new updates that have been released while I've been away, and am starting to figure the things out, perhaps.

I noticed that Dual Wielding has been released, and I had some concerns. Prior to playing on the computer, I played with an Abyssal Whip & an a Dragon Defender. With Dual Wielding having been introduced I was wondering if it would be better to use an offhand weapon instead in the Defender. Which leads this to the second question I have.

Which weapon from the offhand should I make use of if dual-wielding? I figured there was a good chance that an Abyssal Whip offhand copy I would not be able to get at the moment because I didn't have the required skills. So I thought either an Dragon Scimitar or a Dragon Dagger is the best choice, but then again I could be entirely wrong.

If I had to choose between Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar to use as an offhand weapon. How can I tell which one to pick? The reason I ask is because having checked Runescape Wiki, it says that both Dagger & Scimitar are equipped with exactly the same Damage (576) and accuracy (1132). Therefore, it is up to you deciding which you prefer the appearance of or different? I was noticing this: Dagger is more expensive. Dagger is actually a lot less expensive but I wondered why you would choose the Dagger over the Scimitar.

I know I ask a number of questions and I'm back! I've just levelled to 70 defence; basically, my goal is to cheap OSRS GP get the three melee skills to 70, then 75 , before taking breaks. Att and Def are at 70 now with Str at 65.