SCP Fragmented Minds Game is a computer game created by the SCP Foundation. In this game, players are given snippets of information about an SCP object and have to put together the story from these few sentences. Get more information about SCP video game

What is the SCP Fragmented Minds Game?

The SCP Fragmented Minds Game is a tabletop game which was created by the SCP Foundation. It is designed to be played by two or more players, who typically work together to solve the mystery of a contained object that has been found in some strange location.

Is it a game or not?

One person describes the SCP Fragmentated Minds Game as a game. The other says it is not a game.

What do you think of this game if you've never heard of it before?

The SCP Fragmented Minds Game is a game where the players are put into a room with no doors and they need to survive while the door is being locked. The player starts with limited information about themselves, but over time the player begins to notice changes in their environment, the story of what happened to them, or changes in other players. It was founded by The SCP Foundation and is quite popular on Reddit.

What are its pros and cons?

The SCP Fragmented Minds Game is a game that requires the player to guess the object, person or location that the other players are thinking of. The goal of the game is to become more immersed in what you're thinking about.