Atlas' expanded Patch of Exile still maintains strong development, with new updates regularly and a lot of improvements in the new league. In the preview of the POE Currency patch notes below, we can see that the team aims to adjust the new Rituals while making a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

The overall improvement is to reduce the life of the 4th level harvest boss.
A brief grace period was added between the guardianship phases.
Maps subject to The Shaper or The Elder can no longer be used as rewards for completing the Maven Challenge Atlas Region 1-4.
The attack range of the stone golem has been increased, and its flat slam and rolling stone skills will now be used more frequently.
The Stranglethorn Vale map can no longer scroll the twin modifier.
The water volatiles generated in the boss encounter of Forking River Map are now generated less frequently, the damage caused is reduced, and the delay after the explosion is greater.
The whirlpool skill used by the leader of the Pike River map now requires the player to be farther away from the leader and has a shorter duration.
Now, the repeated water gun skill used by the boss of Forking River Map requires the player to be closer to the boss. The boss will also turn at a lower speed when using this skill.
The teleport skill used by the boss of Forking River no longer causes damage.
Fixed a bug that the passive tree of Atlas of Unknown Territories could not be unlocked correctly after defeating The Maven.
Fixed a bug where fragments and badges of incorrect factions could be obtained from legion encounters.
Fixed a bug: If some map bosses are frozen, sometimes they may not be able to transition to the next stage.
Fixed a bug where totems were not considered allies.
Fixed a bug that only calculated the chance of evading spell damage once for all three repeated water gun hits in Forking River Map.
Fixed a bug where the leader of the graveyard map became invincible when using the explosive arrow.
Fixed an error where Ballista Totem and Spell Totem incorrectly calculated their lifespan based on the level of supported skill gems instead of the level of supported gems.
Fixed a bug with Arcane Surge buff, which would not always give priority to the strongest buff source.
Fixed a bug in Fortify buff, which will not always give priority to the strongest buff source.
Fixed a bug: If the monster loses the soaking debuff after creating a new water circle, the water circle skill may sometimes fail to cause damage.
Fixed a bug in the Wave of Faith skill, which would cause the skill to be used repeatedly (for example, using spell echo or releasing support), which could cause the monster to be hit by only one wave.
Fixed a bug in the killer killer boost passive, the error "the range of action of each enemy killed recently increased by 5%, up to 50%" modifier does not work properly.
Fixed an error where the channel skills could not be used normally when affected by the Temple of Echo.
Fixed a visual bug that caused the Conqueror Tracker on Atlas to sometimes display the wrong number of maps required to open the portal to defeat the Conqueror.
Fixed an error where the POE Trade Currency anointed amulet would not hide its passive skill information when viewing its advanced Mod description.
Fixed a visual error that caused the passive skill information hovering over the anointed amulet to sometimes look beyond expectations.
Fixed a visual error with the wrong feather color of the weapon effect in Doom.

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