Why Paddle Board Supplier's Inflatable Paddle Board?
The first question to ask when choosing a board is: Do I want an inflatable paddle or a rigid board (also known as an epoxy SUP)? The top five factors we want to see are: portability, storage space, durability, performance, and cost.

Inflatables are the easiest type of paddle to transport, you don't need a large truck, SUV or van because when deflated, the inflatables roll up like a sleeping bag and fit into a carry bag for easy storage and transport. For those who want a surfboard that doesn't take up too much space at home, inflatable paddle boards are great for taking up minimal space. As for durability, the inflatable paddle is not prone to damage, so you don't have to worry about scratching or accidentally dropping the inflatable paddle.

In terms of performance, we offer excellent quality in use. However, our hardboards excel at speed and precision, so for those who want to do activities like SUP surfing, SUP racing, and long-distance paddling.

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