Very High End Loot? What's the price for white fruit? What is the reason they are in such high demand? Where can I find them? Do you have other options? What should I wear? Melee and Range. The amount of xp/h depends on the activities you're doing and RS Gold how effective your efforts are. Could you elaborate the goal you're trying to reach? Maximum xp per hour, or maximum profit per hour?

Maximum xp. I'd like to have 70 % range. I also want to get 70 defence. What should I do to train? Where are the monsters? The flesh crawlers are a good choice, within the security stronghold. Anything that's not for mems? What time will it take to complete the archer's helm? It shouldn't take very long, its low difficulty. You must meet the requirements though, and this can take some time in the event that you don't want to spend money on levels.

Can i get a skill to 99? If yes which one? You can get any skill up to 99. Pick the one that which you love the most. Thieving is a skill that can be learned within 72 hours if you are ready. Really? Please tell me what to do? Please provide me with an instruction. Do you have any other suggestions? Be careful not to burn yourself out. It's a game, not a job. I'll give it a go.

What bolts do I need to use? I am currently using mith. They are expensive. Which one should I pick? What gear should I use? What is the best time to expect to earn money from slayer? Which slayer master should i go to? Which method of travel should I use to get there? What tablets for teleportation should I put in my bank account?

What food should I eat? Is there anything I can find out how many monsters I defeated? What is the time it will take me to Cheap OSRS Accounts kill 99? Why should I not use range? I am doing Slayer because I like it.