Just like the imagination, opal necklace has a magical ability that can show you all the colors of the rainbow. Opal reflects many colors that give the impression that you are seeing the colors of the rainbow in a close range. It can be impressive and needs to be seen to be appreciated. It is the birthstone of those born in October and is a symbol of many ancient beliefs. However, no belief makes you happiest,It is without question that opal is a gemstone that cannot fail to amaze and will make a valuable part of any jewellery collection.It originated in different parts of the world - Australia, Nevada and the former Czechoslovakia, for example, and gem lovers who think it was a dark source have a varied history. Lots of faith in Opel!

Opal has three main classifications: black, white and transparent. A black opal necklace, which reflects the brightest colors, is the most valuable. This does not include classifications that do not reflect colour display. These are fire, process and blue-green opal. Another amazing thing about opals is that they contain 3 to 10% water in their full weight!With a display of rainbow colors, the opal at the end of the rainbow is truly a pot of gold because its opacity presents it as the most precious stone in the world today. It is now a popular choice for gem collectors and fine jewellery lovers around the world. Believes that Opal fell from heaven. Although it was popular, opal wedding rings lost some of its "charm" when it was portrayed as an unfortunate stone in a widely read novel.But the stigma did not last long, and Upal regained his popularity among collectors and perhaps every jeweller.