Gamers of Lost Ark know that there are countless large and small islands in this game. Wisdom Island is one of the smaller ones, but that doesn't mean it's not worth taking a trip there. Because there you can find four kinds of Mokoko seeds. The following will help you find the exact Cheap Lost Ark Gold location of Mokoko seeds.
Wisdom Island is a small island located in the southeast corner of Lutra. It looks narrow and not as complicated as other large islands. Take an ocean liner or a Triport to get to East Luterra's Wavestrand harbour faster, which is the way to Wisdom Island. You can see it on the world map just one block below the Wavestrand Port, isn't that hard to spot, right?
Next, you just need to drive along the central path of the Wisdom Island and you will find that the road eventually splits into three different directions. If you want to complete the available quests on Wisdom Island, go directly past the stone statue and enter the cave library on the far side of the map. However, if you are the player who came to get Mokoko seeds, bypassing the stone statue in front of you is the right choice. Because directly past the stone statue leads to the cave library at the far end of the map. If you're interested, you can also come back here after finding Mokoko seeds and check it out there. Now go left or right at the junction of the paths in the center of the island, since Mokokos can be reached just by following both sides of the fork, it doesn't matter which side you choose to go first. Assuming you're on the right first, you'll have to pass some trees and stone bridges before you can see the secret and unmarked entrance to the island's library. To find Mokoko seeds in this area, you have to go under the table in the room and look carefully, as Mokoko seeds are not as easy to find here. After finding two Mokoko seeds in this room, return to the center of the island. This time, we choose the road on the left. At this point you enter another secluded area, and you don't need to see the cliff that the game prompts you to jump on, just follow this road straight ahead. This time, you have to find another secret doorway to the library, the Mokoko Seeds are hidden in this room under a few tables and chairs. If you find 2 seeds in each room, all available Mokokos on Wisdom Island are collected as complete.
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