Update 33 for The Elder Scrolls Online is coming, with a March 14 release for PC and March 29 for consoles. With it comes some player-requested updates that will fuel the desire to buy ESO Gold. From account-wide achievements to new PVP rewards, Update 33 will pave the way for a new expansion chapter, The Legacy of Brittany. Highlights from Update 33’s base game additions are the primary focus of this preview.

The preview details the most expected feature, namely account-wide achievements. Many players enjoy playing different classes, but they have to redesign the scene to unlock rewards associated with certain achievements, ranging from ESO Gold to gear.

Update 33 makes most achievements account-wide, reducing the need to replay content on original characters. The preview, however, states that some achievements will remain limited to a single character, without mentioning which achievements or which types.

Update 33 also comes with new PVP gear crafting patterns that can be traded with a plethora of Tel Var Stones as well as three additional sets of PvP armor - Rallying Cry, Hew and Sunder, as well as Enhanced Auras. These require players to be level 20 and above, so players may wish to spend ESO Gold to speed up their upgrades. These suits are tied to specific PVP characters and features, offering something for each type of player.

Finally, Update 33 brings a brand new ally, the Deconstruction Assistant Giladil the Ragpicker. The assistant has been previewed in the Legacy of the Breton announcement stream. But for those players who missed it, the assistant will deconstruct items for them with no workbench.

At the same time, it is a one-stop shop, which makes it possibly the most useful assistant for players, who can buy ESO Gold For Sale at IGGM and then trade with it to get the items they want. And players can earn thousands of crowns from the ESO store for it.