The principle of the thermostatic shower faucet is to control the ratio of hot and cold water through the thermostatic valve core to achieve a constant temperature of water. Compared with ordinary showers, the thermostatic shower can ensure the constant temperature of the water, and is not affected by the temperature, flow, and pressure of the water. The influence of the change in the shower can effectively solve the phenomenon of cold and hot during the shower. When the temperature is set (the default setting is 38ºC), if the cold water is suddenly interrupted during the shower, the mixing valve can turn off the hot water in just a few seconds. To prevent scalding, bring a safe and comfortable shower experience.

Ordinary shower faucet:

  1. The temperature adjustment is difficult to control and the operation is cumbersome. When taking a bath, you need to rely on the skin to touch the water temperature and perform multiple manual adjustments to reach the required bath temperature.
  2. Long waiting time, water consumption and energy consumption. In the early stage of bathing, the faucet needs to discharge a large amount of cold water before reaching the required bathing temperature, which wastes a lot of water resources.
  3. Hot and cold, the water temperature fluctuates, and the water temperature often fluctuates during bathing, which brings an unpleasant shower experience.
  4. Hidden high temperature hazards, safety is difficult to control, when the cold water supply during the bath is interrupted suddenly, it is easy to cause scalding accidents due to the high temperature of the outlet water.
  5. The surface is hot and safety is a concern. The chrome-plated surface temperature of the faucet is higher than the bath temperature, and it is easy to be burned when the hand accidentally touches the surface of the faucet.

Thermostatic shower faucet:

  1. One-key constant temperature, simple operation, only need a light press to set the most comfortable bathing water temperature of 38 ° for the human body, simple and convenient.

2Instant temperature, high efficiency and quickness, instantly reach the set temperature, helping you to easily reduce water consumption and save energy.

  1. Intelligent temperature control, comfort and stability, instantaneous induction of sudden changes in water pressure, ensuring constant water temperature, and rejecting hot and cold.
  2. Restricted temperature regulation, safe and controllable, the bath temperature is locked between 38°-43°, when the cold water supply fails, the thermostatic faucet will automatically shut down, effectively preventing children from raising the temperature indiscriminately and scalding themselves.
  3. Anti-scalding lock temperature, safe and worry-free, the faucet adopts the cold water outside the cavity to "wrap" the hot water in the inner cavity, so that the temperature of the faucet surface is lower than the shower water temperature, and there is no need to worry about being scalded by the chrome-plated surface of the hot faucet.

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