It was yesterday that was the first time Asmongold streamed on his main channel since last September. Asmon is known for Lost Ark Gold taking long breaks from streaming in his primary channel, from time to time However, this time, his absence was due in part due to the death of his mother, something that he's made a few comments on in posts on social media.

His peak viewership following the interruption broke an all-time record for on the primary Asmongold channel. In the past, his highest concurrent viewer count was in the middle of August in the launch of World of Warcraft Classic. In that stream, he peaked on 263,720 concurrent viewers.

The first things you'll do while laying out the control plan to control your character in Lost Ark is deciding whether you'd rather use left-click or right-click as your standard attack button. This decision could seem to be permanent at first, especially in light of the way some of the game's settings appear, there are options to change your control of the mouse in your in-game choices.

In actual fact, Lost Ark has a fairly robust system that allows players to define their buttons and alter their gameplay around various kinds of gameplay. However, mouse controls are more difficult than the majority of hotkeys to optimize.

To change the settings of your mouse to Buy Lost Ark Power leveling alter your mouse settings in Lost Ark, the first thing to do is open your game's in-game settings by pressing the Escape key. Then, you'll be able to see various dropdown menus you can use. Select the menu entitled "Hotkeys" for access to the buttons and controls.