In Lost Ark, players need to level up in various ways, including completing missions, defeating enemies, buying Lost Ark Gold, etc. In this way, players are eligible to enter more in-depth game content.

After completing the continent of Rohendel, Tier 2 starts at item level 802, the second part of the Lost Ark endgame, with levels ranging between 802 and 1100. Tier 2 takes place on three continents: Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton. If players want to increase their speed, they can spend Lost Ark Gold on increasing their abilities.

Just like in Tier 1, Abyssal Dungeons are difficult weekly events that offer substantial rewards, including access to more powerful armor, weapon sets, and Lost Ark Gold. Once players unlock them, they can transfer their experience. Tier 2 players need to collect honing materials in much the same way as Tier 1. Players will want to exchange materials as much as possible and complete a series of different island quests to gain honing materials.

Players must first pick up Eyes of Hypnos from reporters on Gravis Island. There are various other quests on the island, including hidden quests inside buildings where players can find Blue-Eyed Calvasus. Check the first floor of the building. Completing the Blue-Eyed Calvasus quest will open up a new questline on the island.

Players need to grind their missions well if they want to get ahead in Lost Ark. Players can Buy Lost Ark Gold and watch guides at IGGM when they encounter tasks beyond their abilities. This is a very professional service provider, which will bring players a good buying experience.