Since ancient times, shoes have not been just a simple way to cover your feet: in fact, in Ancient Greece as well as in the Roman Empire, Nike dunk low off white sandals and shoes were precious objects, which gave a touch of class and immediately made people understand the social class and the rank of the wearer.

Today everything has changed but the importance of footwear has become more and more: in fact, it is true that if a person has style it can be seen from the shoes he wears!

For example, sneakers in recent years are definitely depopulated in the fashion world, especially among the youngest. Who doesn't have at least two or three pairs in their closet?

Sneakers are actually more than a fashion, they are the mirror of style and the desire to express oneself. When a boy or a girl wears shoes he does it to feel part of a group or to stand out, to differentiate himself or to be homologated: it is never wrong to wear a pair, if you like them!


Shoes: icons of style

They are not simple items of clothing: in fact, through shoes you can express an emotion, an idea of ​​oneself, a feeling. Streetwear -style footwear (from the English “ street clothes”) was born in the Eighties and Nineties as a style of rebellion, of opposition to rigor and rules.

Even today, streetwear is widely used as a style among young people and the products connected to it are definitely in fashion. This is the case of Vans and the legendary Converse:

Vans are the streetwear shoes par excellence, born in the world of skateboarding and now widespread everywhere, so much so that the black and white checkerboard model represented much more than a generation. BlazeLab makes one-of-a-kind models of Vans: the most loved are the Flame modeland the studded model .

The converse are the youthful and light shoes par excellence, loved by girls for their colors and by boys for their practicality and lightness. From BlazeLab they are available in a brand new Black Python python fabric , gold glitter , black studs and in many other configurations never seen before worn by anyone else!


Personalized shoes: following a fashion, knowing how to stand out

Who doesn't like the latest fashion shoes? Trendy sneakers hardly fail to fascinate someone. An example among many is represented by the Fila : with their latest models, they literally broke through in Italy, relaunching the brand that has managed to win over millions of kids.

Fila was able to design and produce trendy, comfortable and stylish shoes. The white model was more than snapped up! Everyone has worn the new Fila, but not everyone likes to have shoes exactly identical to those of others.

BlazeLab customizes shoes in an elegant, unique and quality way: for example, at BlazeLab there are new models of studded Fila shoes , both in the fantastic white color and in the black version.

Another unmissable shoe available on is the Nike dunk low off white , gritty sneakers with a youthful look; the Vertigo model and the Hill model are famous for their trendy, eternal and rebellious designs.