The Mother’s Sorrow set in The Elder Scrolls Online is a powerful set for any Magicka user, thanks to its simple but very effective bonuses. So many players are trying their best to get it, including buying ESO Gold.

There is a vast variety of sets in The Elder Scrolls Online, with more being added every few months in each chapter and DLC. However, some of The Elder Scrolls Online’s most popular sets are actually from the base game, such as Magicka and Caster-oriented Mother’s Sorrow set. Besides this, players can also spend ESO Gold to get suits as needed.

The Mother’s Sorrow Set is the go-to for many builds, especially for Sorcerers and other class’ Magicka-based builds. While its two-piece bonuses are fairly mediocre, the power of this set comes from the three latter bonuses, each of which can affect a player’s damage output. That’s why most players will spend ESO Gold to get it.

The Mother’s Sorrow set is only found in the Overworld Deshaan, where the Fortress of Sorrow is the capital of the Ebonheart Pact. Fragments of the series can be found in many places throughout the region, including Delve/World/Public bosses, quests, and Dark Anchors throughout Deshaan.

Fragments dropped into this set will increase to 160 with the player’s level and championship points. So players may need to Buy ESO Gold at IGGM to speed up character upgrades to maximize the set’s rewards.