xCertain hairlines were a bit off, but excusable. The shot meter which was designed to adjust to NBA 2K22 MT Coins the player's fatigue meter, takes time to become accustomed to being a player who plays the game in a casual manner.

Movement of players has been geared more toward basketball-IQ. For example, as an habit, I have always wanted to let my basketball player traverse the perimeter as an easy way to drive towards the ball. But the improved AI player is able to analyze that data which forces the player for a short-stop or more strategic techniques for helping the team score. It also allowed the player to look for better ways to catch the man who is open.

The improvements, to me the improvements allowed Pro mode feel like Hall of Fame mode and for the first time it required me to change my shot meter to align my shot meter with the athlete's percent.

MyCareer throughout the years has been consistent, if not a generic. While the formula remains unchanged, 2k22 has introduced some tweaks, and a the plot focusing on the growing popularity of a media influencer looking to be a professional, which is aligned to the emergence of YouTube highlight reels for the professional league. This is in contrast to the showcase of rookies for the NBA draft story, it is an example of what the MyCareer feature has made significant progress.

The story's flow is, however, prone to Buy NBA 2K Coins falling off at times The game could look into adding additional subplots players can play with in the future. Or better, make the The City version that's compatible with the Nintendo Switch.