Late in Elder Scrolls Online, many players end up changing their playstyle, weapons, armor, and combat focus. Part of that is changing skills, but it’s impossible to know which skills players will actually use when leveling up. Thankfully, it is a pretty straightforward process to reset skill points in Elder Scrolls Online.

There are three ways to reset skill points: at specific temple offerings throughout Tamriel, by “exploiting” using the armory system that has not been changed, or by purchasing skill appraisal scrolls for ESO Gold from the in-game Crown Store in real life money.

The first way to reset skill points in The Elder Scrolls Online is to go to a temple and make an offering at the correct altar. Each of the game’s three faction capitals possesses such a glow - although the gods associated with each temple change frequently. 

Shrines of Stuhn, Stendarr, S’rendarr, and Sotha Sil are all dedicated to resetting skill points. It’s expensive, though, and it’s easy to spend over 10,000 ESO Gold to reset all skill points at max level. Most of the time you won’t need to reset all skill points, so it will end up being a little cheaper than that.

The last way to reset skill points in The Elder Scrolls Online is to use Crowns to pay for skill point Respec scrolls, which can be purchased in-game for ESO Gold. However, this method is convenient and expensive.

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