Ij.start.cannon is a specially designed all-in-one printer which prints excellent quality. It is an ideal printer for use at home and in professional settings, so users looking for a printing machine should prefer purchasing Canon Pixma's TS9120.

The Canon Pixma is able to complete all tasks related to printing including print, scan as well as copying and more in a straightforward manner. Moreover, this printer lets the users print their documents using their mobile phones. In order to take advantage of the features offered by the TS9120 printer, users must complete the printer setup.

For all of our readers, we have listed the wireless and wired setup process for Canon Pixma Ts9120. So, everyone should thoroughly check the steps provided below for the Canon Pixma Ts9120 setup. Additionally, after the user has completed the setup process they are able to easily complete all printing tasks.

Download Canon Pixma TS9120 Driver

It is required that you download Canon's Pixma Ts9120 driver in order to utilise the printer effectively. So, we've listed the steps that will allow all users to download the driver effortlessly.

  • The users are advised to download the drivers for the printer via "ij.start.cannon" on their system to make use of the printer.
  • The user is able to download the driver for the printer from the CD, or download it from the official site.
  • Make sure you clear all temporary files before downloading the driver for your printer. The users are also suggested to "Agree" to the terms and conditions when they begin the installation process.
  • Also, the users are advised to select the mode of connection during the process of installation.
  • After the driver is installed on the system, then you can continue the installation process.

Wireless configuration for Windows

Follow the steps below to create the Ij.start.canon wireless configuration.

  • Turn the printer "ON" if it is off "OFF."
  • After this, the users are suggested to touch the wireless icon. Select "LAN Settings"> "Wireless LAN"> "Wireless LAN setup"> "Easy wireless connect"> "Yes."
  • After this, download the driver, then install it.
  • Then go through the on-screen steps.
  • Then, click the checkbox that is associated with the terms and conditions.
  • When you connect, select the connection type "Wireless Connection."
  • Then, enter the network name and complete the setup procedure.

Wireless configuration for Mac

For all Mac users are suggested to follow the directions below.

  • Start by turning "ON" the printer by pressing the "Power" button.
  • On the printer touch, the wireless connect option will appear.
  • Go to "LAN Setting" and from there choose"Wireless Network" from the "Wireless LAN" option.
  • Then, under"Wireless Network" choose the "Wireless LAN" option, click"Easy Connect. "Easy Wireless Connect."
  • In the next window Next, you can select "OK."
  • Once you have done this, launch the Mac system and click on the "Next" option on the screen for setting up.
  • Then the users are suggested to enter their username and the password.
  • Now choose the "ij start canon" option.
  • Then , select "Start Canon Pixma TS9120 setup" and then select the settings.
  • Now the printer status is then verified. After this, the users are advised to select"mode of connection. "mode of connection."
  • Then choose the router to the router they would like to connect.
  • Then, type in the credentials and click on the "Next" option.
  • When the installation is completed After the installation is complete, click on the "Add Printer" option to connect the printer.
  • Once users add the printer, then they are done with the TS9120 setup on the Mac device.