On the bottom of the mini-map , you'll see a small icon depicting an assortment of coins. Since now, coins are stored here instead of within Buy OSRS Gold your account, if you'd prefer. You can right-click them to place them in the money pouch of your inventory. Remember that coins are safe from being dropped on death as long as they're in your inventory at the time of death within the Wilderness.

The icon for the tool belt can be found in the bottom right of the interface for your inventory. The majority of tools can be put on this belt, so they can be utilized whenever you require them without adding inventory space.

To add a new tool to the belt, right-click it from your inventory. There are certain tools that can be stored, such as pickaxes and hatchets, only a bronze item can be kept. While the tool belt isn't going to replace your dragon gear, it's perfect for performing various skilling tasks on the fly. We'll be adding functionality to this later on including integration with Dungeoneering.

And lastly, but certainly not least we've provided all members with 30 bank spaces! Mod Raven, Mod Avatar & Mod Srowley. Therefore, if cash is in the pouch , including in the wildy, it is secure. Many people will do that for staking. How can I receive 30 spaces if I decide to join a mem later? Thanks!

I want to get my combat-level to 100, and be able to fight on but not be able to gain any combat-levels, so either my attack, strength or defence should be 99. I would also like have 99 prayers if it's possible. What would you recommend as the better option? Also, 100 additional combat suggestions.

With the 3rd, it isnt possible to RuneScape 2007 Gold get either of these. Idk, all of them are so limited to me personally. Id rather go with 20 str 99 attack, but you won't get anything with that, except the possibility of using an rapier instead of a staff. Staffs, however, aren't that efficient. But , then again, neither is 20 strength , so it's a bit limiting.