In other words, since I'm currently slaying I am likely to OSRS Gold earn some profit from it. I just needed to know 1 thing. After purchasing slayer gear I'm left with 4 mil. Since the bonus xp weekend coming up, is there something I could purchase to earn some money? Even if the bonus xp weekend was not happening, would there be something I can buy or get in the P2P?

BTW I'm trying to kill Lesser Demons right now, therefore, is there something that they drop that I can take home. Some interesting information: This is off topic I and Tcmp were involved in Red Port Clan Wars just strolling around. I then went off then Hunam Safe came and kill me! I am prob. on his video. 

I was wearing my gold the helm, but I am protected. After that I banked my helm, I went in to see that Hunam was pursuing Tcmp but Tcmp wasn't attacking!I was a complete stranger and I began to attack Hunam so that Tcmp could take off. He Barraged me then turned again to Tcmp. 

When I had about half my HP left, I switched to Hunam again, after I had been unfrozen. Then, I struck him again. While he froze me and then killed me Tcmp could have had time to get away. Then Human was astonished and swore in stars. I saved Tcmp's life and probably. was in his video.

The whip has a higher performance than the BGS for sure, but if really want a weapon upgrade purchase the ACR. Ghouls will give you a fair amount of xp depending on RuneScape 2007 Gold your level. They are manageable using only the cost of a few lobsters. I used employ ghouls in the past before I started slayer.