People in Kiev love to see films and there are a number of cinema halls catering to their needs and requirements. corporate event In keeping with the times, some multiplexes and malls with theaters have also been constructed where people come to shop and also watch films.

With a lot of reconstruction and renovations, the number of cinema halls in the city of Kiev has gone up. Kiev is a huge city and compared to other cosmopolitan cities of the world, the number of cinema halls is certainly less, but many Kiev cinemas are under construction keeping in mind the enthusiasm of the people of Kiev.

The film industry in Ukraine is a fledgling one, and though many films are made her catering to the taste of the local populace, Kiev cinemas try to exhibit good films produced around the world, either dubbed in Ukrainian or subtitled in the local language.

Films made in all genres and catering to the tastes of people of all ages are being shown in Kiev cinemas. Whether it is animation, comedy, action, suspense, thrillers, sci-fi, romances or musicals, you can hope to see them all in the cinema halls in the cit of Kiev.

Butterfly is the most popular cinema hall in Kiev. It is world class in all respects and the seats are very comfortable. The sound and image quality is superb and audiences feel very comfortable with the seating system.

It is located in the shopping mall called Mega Market and has three halls, with two having a capacity for 250 people and one with a smaller capacity of 139 people.

Cinema Multiplex, which is situated within the premises of the shopping center Komod has 4 halls with a total seating capacity of 545.

Then there is the Cultural Center Cinema which has two halls with 300 and 330 seats respectively. It has other recreational facilities such as internet café, billiards room, bar, and also a beauty parlor.

It was in 2007 that the government made a rule that all films to be shown in Kiev cinemas have to be either dubbed in Ukrainian, or at least have subtitles in the Ukrainian language.

This was difficult for many people as they spoke Russian language, so now there are many English films with Russian subtitles being shown in Kiev cinemas. This has come as a relief for such people, as earlier they had to see English films without subtitles.

All over the year, cinema festivals are held at different times thanks to collaborations between various embassies in Kiev and the ministry of culture. This makes available screening of foreign films in the cinema halls of Kiev.

For such films, there are separate timings in Kiev cinemas when they are shown without subtitles and when with subtitles or in dubbed versions.