Moissanite was first discovered during the latter part of the nineteenth century by Dr Henri Moissan. Yet replica diamonds have only become widely available in recent years. The crystal is similar to a diamond in that it is nearly as hard, but with more brilliance and luster than a diamond. 


The hardness of moissanite means that it is more scratch resistant than cubic zirconia, thereby giving it the appearance of a diamond. As cheap as one tenth the price of diamonds, white gold moissanite wedding band look as good as diamonds.


Moissanite wedding bands are made from silicon and carbon, so they have similar physical properties to diamonds. Moissanite resembles diamonds according to tests conducted with traditional diamond testers


Moissanite wedding bands do not fade or gain color over time, and they also come with a lifetime warranty; in fact, Moissanite rings have become the symbol of modern, fashionable women everywhere. Many women fall in love with the glistening sparkle of the ring, which often has more fire and brilliance than a real diamond. 


There is no reason why women would choose Moissanite over a diamond ring: they buy the jewel because of its quality and popularity. As a result of its fire and brilliance as well as durability, man-made crystal is becoming increasingly popular with gem collectors. 


Moissanite rings are therefore likely to increase in value with time. Moissanite, as a near colorless crystal, has a more authentic appearance than diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia. A Moissanite jewel's hint of color makes it appear completely natural, since completely colorless diamonds are rare. A wedding ring made of Moissanite will also retain its shine and value for as long as one made of diamonds.


The crystals of a Moissanite ring are an attractive adornment by themselves, as well as an economical alternative to diamond rings. With a platinum Moissanite ring, the bride knows she will have a jewel as scratch-resistant and hard-wearing as a diamond. Moissanite is the perfect symbol of love and loyalty, as well as the ideal wedding ring. Keep in mind that when diamonds are beyond your budget, Moissanite will always be there for you.

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