Lost Ark is currently available to those who purchased the Founder's Pack in early access. The closed beta period of the new MMOARPG combined with the anticipation of its Twitch launch plan has propelled the Amazon-published game to the top of the Twitch charts, showing the game's popularity with players.

Whether players want to start playing the game during Early Access, or wait until the game is free to play when it officially launches on Friday, February 11, players can start watching Lost Ark live and get exclusive content. To get started, simply watch any Gold Lost Ark participating channel, which can be found on Twitch's Lost Ark drop event page.

If the player is watching a channel with casting enabled, the player should see a drop down message in the chat bar. Players can click the "Details" button to see all of Lost Ark's various activities, which show what items players can obtain. Some items are only available when teams in the co-op stream earn points by completing objectives. Each team is divided by region.

Lost Ark Gold

From February 8 to March 1, players can earn lucrative items by watching four hours of Lost Ark live on participating channels. Players can log into their Twitch and Steam accounts on the official Lost Ark website to claim rewards. Players can use these items in the game. Additionally, players can purchase  Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to get ready for the game.