Park view city Islamabad location is near Gate 1 of the city. The block of residential homes that is of top quality is located close to the downtown commercial zone. This block was designed with the intention to be transformed into a stunning residence.


Overseas Block - Park View City Islamabad


A lot of former Pakistanis are in search of affordable housing in an area which is highly sought-after. Park View City Overseas block gives them the opportunity. Like Golf Estate it is a block that was only recently inaugurated as a response to the demands of foreign Pakistanis. Residents who can stay in the area have been granted the NICOP.

Block HTML0 is comparable to the standards used in other cities, which implies that non-native Pakistanis won't be conscious of any distinctions. The design of the block will guarantee that the latest services are available to those not native Pakistanis. It is also a tribute towards all other non-native Pakistanis for having played an important part in the development and expansion in Pakistan.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block The payment plan is economical when compared to other schemes. Residential plots consist of plots of between 5 to 10-marla. The funds are payable in 3 installments that are spread across three consecutive years.


5 marla plots are purchased in the amount of 6.500,000 because the initial cost will be 1625,000. The price of each installment is 608,375. The price for plots with 10 marla that are situated within the Overseas Block is 11,000,000, starting at 2.750,000. The price for each installment in a month will be $1031.250. The installments can be purchased at 25,000,000 and the minimum down payment for a plot is 6,250,000. A median value of eight months of payments per month is 224443450.


It's divided into eight quarterly installments to cover the portion.


Market Trend and Plot Possession


The principal reason for this was the establishment of a new residential zone in Islamabad. Park View City came up with the idea to ensure that prisoner's housing requirements can be met without any difficulty. Housing costs are very expensive in Islamabad which is why the residential development like Park View City can help to reduce the expenses.


If we take into consideration the price of plots in the different regions of Islamabad the price is at least one million dollars to buy. This can ensure that the requirements of the inhabitants are met at an affordable cost.


Ownership rights are granted to owners of homes who have invested funds in plots that they own. All remaining parcels are decided after the expiration of the period. Voting will take place every couple of months to ensure there is fair distribution of the land. This is an investment that pays dividends in the future, with many possibilities.


Development in Park View City Islamabad


The process of development is moving rapidly as the ground-leveling process continues. The development work in the blocks A and A are close to completion, and the remainder work will be completed in a couple of months.


A part of the region is being built prior to the timeline that was planned. There an existing treatment center in the process of being constructed within the area. The principal entrance point and the wall that defines the boundary is being constructed and is on the verge of being completed. Pipelines for water and gas are being constructed to aid prisoners. The green zones were built as an integral component of the development process to ensure that this land remains the way it is.


The 200-foot. wide main road that passes through the Park is close to reaching the point of completion and will eventually be completed every area within Park View City that is easily accessible via through the central gate. The roads for accessibility are currently being built to ensure that Park View City will be linked via multiple routes to other areas of Islamabad.


Balloting for Plots in Park View City Islamabad


The process of voting across the various zones in Park View City is continuing every daily. The first round of elections were held in March of 2019. The subsequent sessions are scheduled to continue till the last parcel has been cleaned. Anyone who is able to successfully complete the process of repaying outstanding loans is qualified to cast a vote.


Numerous names from diverse regions participated in the initial part of the balloting. Owners were given a plot numbers based on the size of the block, as well as the dimensions. The vote was. In addition the procedure for a vote on the expansion of blocks is being conducted.


The process of voting takes place using an automated system that will ensure there's no miscommunication regarding the process of voting. After a plot is assigned to a particular individual. They will be provided with the entire document together with all of the details within a week.




Park View City is an amazing project that could make it easier to purchase residential and commercial properties in Islamabad. This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to buy property in Islamabad. The beautiful amenities and stunning views make it a profitable investment opportunity.


banks like Bank Alfalah and Silk Bank provide financing options with the purchase of an apartment located within Park View City, so everyone interested can benefit from these loans. This is an opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity.


Park View City - Total Land and Area


7.700 sq. Kanal. The property is expected to include several structures, including commercial and residential blocks parks and blocks, as well as other buildings, that are designed to enhance health and enjoyment in addition to many other.


The project is located in the sought-after region of Islamabad the aesthetics of this area is unbeatable. In addition because of its proximity with the Bahria Enclave this adds to the value of the plots that comprise the plot. The views of the land being built in this project and the roads that connect the Bahria Enclave are breathtaking. The development projects that are to be completed will further enhance its beauty. region.


Botanical Gardens situated in Islamabad is situated near Park View, and its gate 2 that serves as the main entry point for an easy access to the beautiful area. The primary entry point into this garden can be found at Rawal Chowk, which is crucial to be at the correct location.


The area is totally free of pollution and noise and provides the best living space. If you're looking for peace and quiet, then you ought to consider this region as a suitable place to reside. The 200 feet. broad and lengthy road connects it to the rest area of Islamabad. CDA has approved for the road and construction is underway to construct it according to the schedule that was set by CDA.