A empty pouch. Purchase it at Pikkupstix upstairs. Spirit Shards: the number that changes for each of OSRS Gold the familiars. Buy them at pikkupstix. Charms: There are 4 types, different pouches need different kinds. Tertiary: this is a random thing given to each pouch. For example a spirit terrorbird requires fresh bird meat. Find all the items as well as click to the obelisk. There are pouches you can make. That's how you earn the xp, and how you get fit, going back and forth between the bank to make pouches.

It's useful in situations where you'll need a lot of tools, and the need for inventory space outweighs the need for "high levels" particular tools. Two scenarios that come immediately to mind are Hunting and the Abyss. Hunting? Lolwhut...

If you require a hatchet , it can help you set your trap, such as for pitfalls. And you can also use it as a tinderbox so you can cook the meat while you wait for your traps to be snatched. Who does pitfall hunting for any reason whatsoever? Cooking the meat is an absolute wasted time. You're better off cutting or chaffing in case you need to wait.

The cooking of the meat can be slightly beneficial since you'll be in the kitchen waiting for your traps. It is possible to chop as well. It's a matter of personal preference which one you'd do however, if you choose to cook, it's possible that the Dwarven Army Axe can come in useful.

I'm not sure what kind of argument that you're trying present by defending pitfall hunting. There are many options to Buy RuneScape Gold choose from when training Hunter, and pitfall hunting is one of the possibilities. It'd be very naive to believe that everyone ever hunts with pitfalls.