Here are our five best thriller movies of 2021.

The second year of the pandemic was another year of fascination and horror. The films that were postponed last year were finally released in 2021, and many of them tried the daily release strategy. Streaming media services and video on demand market continue to bring crazy choices, and more film festivals have joined the virtual space. All this gives the impression that 2020 continues into 2021 in a strange way.

As a result, terror continued to cross and dominate the mainstream this year. The continuing trend of seriousness and adult terror has been broken by a new trend to cater to the public. Audiences know that the most resonant films are those names that can free them from this unprecedented era of pressure, whether through easy escape or comfortable series return.

Once again, this type of thriller movie brings gratifying catharsis, comfort, escapism and creepy feelings, and it is not always where it is expected. This year's best thriller movie is the deep horror that makes the audience unable to stop talking about and the stimulation to please the public. It shows originality and pays attention to the extraordinary debut of a new wave of film directors.


Wen Ziren returned to terror with his extreme in the crazy opening, which made it clear what kind of madness people expected. Like the spectacular scene of dark castle in the late 1990s, the opening of the film sets a strange plot, which makes people feel like coming out of the atmosphere of the 1990s. Whether in tone or bleeding, it indicates a crazy journey. You should be in its crazy range or not. It was a cruel and interesting riot, from the prison massacre of Zo ë bell in a mullet hairstyle to Maddie Hasson's naive look of "are you adopted?!" Wan and screenwriter Akela Cooper brought a fresh air, and the crazy response of the film also consolidated its position in China.

Night house

Screenwriters Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (super dark times, siren), director David Bruckner (the ritual, southbound) V / h / S (V / h / s)) explores the possibility of human existence after death in an unforgettable portrait of loss and sadness. More importantly, Bruckner creates a disturbing and creepy atmosphere, constantly giving people a sense of terror that makes people's heart beat faster. Emphasize constant; "Night house" began an endless terrorist attack almost immediately, and never stopped. Bruckner once again demonstrated his talent for creating panic and creating an atmosphere of insecurity.


Director and co screenwriter Luo Hongzhen continues to explore beliefs and conflicting beliefs in the sequel to cry. Only this time, it is a documentary nightmare set in Thailand. Screenwriter and director banjong pisanthanakun (shutter) waited for the opportunity to let the audience have attachment to the family at the center of an attachment case. Then he was immersed in fear. At first, this fear was subtle. Then build. Eerie found videos of mink's nighttime activities more disturbing. Nevertheless, it cannot be prepared for the absolute madness of the climax, the impact of spiritual disclosure and terrible terror. It is bloody, shocking and unpredictable. It will also break your heart.

Power of

Writer and director Corinna faith created the monster haunted in the hospital against the background of a miner's strike in late 1973, which plunged London into darkness and alternating power outages every night. Based on a familiar ghost story of the times, faith created a powerful psychological story full of fear caused by claustrophobia and nocturnal phobia. The young nurse played by Rose Williams is a dark target. The duality of her fragile performance and film title gives people a lingering emotional impact.

Honey, baby

Every aspect of the production is amazing. The bold palette, the production design of Cara Brower full of mirrors and reflective surfaces, let this notorious devil lurk in it, and the ingenious lens and composition used by NIA da Costa around the mirror have firmly grasped your heart from the beginning. Terror is even an art. The use of blood is deliberate and purposeful, and inhibition of bleeding is equally effective. All this brings us a rich visual feast, which re examines a horror legend and makes you strongly ask da Costa to direct another horror film as soon as possible.