It's an in-depth study of the park view city islamabad price list which includes various areas. The payment plan has been made to adapt and efficient , in proportion to the size of the park's area.

The dimensions, sizes and shapes of the charts as well as price are explained in the following manner.

Park View City Downtown Commercial Plots Payment Plan

There are two kinds of commercial plots in the area. The plot that has six marlas is sold by paying 42 million. The other cost of membership for a plot is 10000. The down payment is 25 percent of the value of the plot. The remaining balance must be paid monthly in payments of 6.


Commercial plots with 8 marla are for sale for 56 million. The price for membership will be 200.000. The monthly installment is 7 millions.


Park View City Block A and B - Residential Plots Payment Plan

The three sizes can be purchased for Block A and Block B. The sizes available include 5 marlas, 10 and Kanal. Kanal. Deposit required for plots of land is 25 per cent, and the rest is due quarterly.


It's the price for five marla plots , which equals 6.500,000. The 10 marla plots equals 10,000,000 in an all-in-one sum of $25,500,000.


Park View City Payment Plan for Terrace C Block

Terrace C Block is comprised of land parcels totalling 10 acres, which are to be sold at a cost that is 10,500,000. The deposit is $2,500,000. The four-month installments are will be spread out over 1 month.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block C, D, E

the C Blocks located in D Block and Park View City Islamabad offer one and two Kanal residential plots for sale. The cost of down payments for each plot is 25%. The amount is split into equal installments of monthly installments.


1. The sole Kanal parcel in Block C is to purchase at a price of 25 , million. The block is sold at between 30,000,000 and 25,000,000 in the case the plot has two types of plots that are identical in size.


The space for two Kanals in the D Block is available for purchase for $3 million. It's much more costly.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block F

Block F has five different plot sizes that you can choose from. Block F has five marla plots aswell in plots with 10 marlas and the Kanal plot. Five marla plots are available to be purchased starting at 5,000,000. The plots with 10 marlas are for sale starting at 850,000.


1. Kanal plots are available in a range of styles and are able for the following purposes:








The four monthly payments will be made to pay for the costs of the house.


Park View Islamabad Payment Plan - Block H

Payment plans for the plan Block H within Park View City provides three different sizes of plots. The plan has five marlas and 10 marlas. Then there's the Kanal that has 10 marlas. The price for plots which include five marlas is 6,500,000. For plots with 10 marlas, it will cost 10,000,000,000.


1kanal plots can be purchased at a cost at thirty million. The cost of membership is different in different sizes, beginning from 7.500.


Park View City - Block J Payment Plan

Different types housing land is available in block. This includes 5 marla 10- Kanal 1 1 One Kanal One Kanal as well as Kanal 2, Kanal.


The costs for a plot with five marlas is 6,500,000. The cost for plots with 10 marlas is 10,000,000,000. One. 1. The price of Kanal plots amounts to 30 million. It is a price of two. Kanal is priced at 65 million. The cost of down for each plot is equals ..


Price Comparison and Discounts

Analyzing the cost of living in the various blocks in Park View City shows that Park View City's costs are higher than those of other residential zones. But, when we consider it in relation to costs for living within Islamabad the price is affordable. The place of the plots is what makes them attractive.


Category Plots

The fee of 10% can be added onto plots which are thought to have a view of boulevards, parks, or are within the vicinity.


Park View City Islamabad - Features and Amenities

Park View City is being developed by a reputable name in the field of real estate development and construction in real estate. They've made sure that residents get access to all the amenities you would expect from urban areas. This is one of the main benefits and services available for residents in Park View City.


Imax Cinemas

3-D technology and IMAX cinemas are one of the most popular entertainment options for people living in urban areas. You can enjoy entertainment in the comfort of your personal space.


Commercial Zone

The mall designed specifically for people who stroll through the city will enable inmates to buy goods from the top manufacturers. They won't have to go to the various stores located that are located in Islamabad.


parks Zoos, parks, and other amusement zones

The goal of designers is to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe for their visitors. In order to accomplish this, they've created Zoos and parks.


Community Centers and Clubs

community centers and clubs are element of the masterplan that will ensure residents are involved in activities that promote social and physical health.


Health Facilities

Medical facilities and hospitals are crucial to the success of any initiative. They'll have the most modern equipment, and are managed by highly skilled staff.


Educational Facilities

colleges and schools as well as additional schools will an extensive portion in the city. The establishment of the National School under the supervision of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is the first step.



Mosques, as well as other sites for worship are essential to Park View. Park View is a neighborhood which is residential.



Park View City will ensure that prisoners are secure and secure. This is among the main reasons Park View City is an area that is closed to the public. The fence on the border and the security of the community will assist in keeping the inmates safe.


Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply

Electricity, gas, and water are all readily available within the area of the city's borders. The city's administration will ensure that water distribution does not cause any issues for inhabitants. City's actions plan is being developed to achieve the goal.


Underground Electric Lines

The cables for electricity are underground to protect those living in the area. Underground cables are built to ensure that electric lines are safe from natural hazards like winds and rain.



The monitoring for Park View City will be performed using security cameras and CCTVs, as well as Access points.



The design will be contemporary and in line with standards set by a number of famous cities across worldwide. The plan will improve the aesthetics of Islamabad and will showcase the top of Pakistani as well as Western designs.


Park View City Apartments

Park View City apartments are a fantastic alternative to land that is located in the center of the universe. They will have modern amenities, such as laundry facilities, gyms and more. They will be comparable to the luxury residential areas of Islamabad.


Botanical Garden

A beautiful botanical park is planned to be developed within Park View City Islamabad to improve its beauty region. It will enhance the beauty of the region and improve the soil fertility of the area. It was developed with plants from different regions around the globe . It will create an unique look that is distinctive to Pakistan.


Park View City Islamabad - Golf Estate

Park View City Golf Estate is one of the latest developments to be launched within the last several weeks. It is one of many of the most lavish developments within the city, and will enhance the beauty of the area. The block's address is Bahria Enclave, and it is accessible through the gate located near the entrance point of Park View City.


The HTML0 is an excellent method to escape the hustle and bustle in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in which residents can unwind and unwind. Furthermore, they can enjoy playing golf while taking in the breathtaking Margalla Hills. The spectacular views of Margalla Hills and Golf lawns makes it the perfect destination for those who are a fan of gold.


The property has nine golf holes on The Golf Course that can be modified to meet the needs for players. There are several commercial and residential parcels within The Golf Estate.


The dimensions for plots intended to be used for residential purposes include 5,101010101010 and 10,10 marla, and the other . Kanal.

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - Golf Estate

The current payment schedule for Golf Estate has been made flexible, similar to the various others block. The auction of lots in the blocks were auctioned on an auction on a first come first base. First come first served basis.


Park View City Golf Estate The installments are scheduled as these. Five parcels of land, the cost is 850,000. The initial payment ranges from two to three million. Each installment is approximately 750,000.


The price for the plot, which is 10 marlas, is 15,000,000 and a an initial down-payment of 350,000 dollars. The monthly payments of 8 equals around 140,000,250. The cost of the land at Kanal is $25,000,000 as well as the initial payment is approximately 6.250,000. Each month, the monthly installment is anticipated to be around 2,343,750.


You can pay eight monthly installments that cover the costs associated the plot. The fee for membership is different for every type of plot. When the plot falls under a specific category, an additional 10 percent is added to the price.


Overseas Block - Park View City Islamabad

Many expat Pakistanis are seeking low-cost homes in an area that is highly sought-after. Park View City Overseas block provides the perfect chance to meet all the requirements above. Similar to Golf Estate it was recently disclosed due to the necessity of foreign Pakistanis. Park View residents Park View have the NICOP.


It's the most extravagant structure that is comparable to other cities, and foreign Pakistanis will not feel any difference. The design of the building was designed to ensure the best amenities are accessible to tourists that are Pakistanis. It is also a tribute for the way that it is the foreign Pakistanis who have played a role in helping the development and growth of Pakistan.



Park View City Overseas Block The block is situated near Gate 1 of the city. The luxurious block is located close to the city's principal headquarters. The block is planned to be converted into a luxury residence.



Blockade in the Overseas region has been put in place to meet the needs of prisoners, as well as to offer facilities that aren't accessible in other areas of Pakistan. The most crucial facilities as follows.


24/7 of power supply and 24 hours of accessibility to drinking the water

Management of water and a strategy to eliminate the problem.

Protect a place with CCTV

Sports Complex

Health Facilities

Parks and Entertainment Areas

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - Overseas Block :

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block The payment plan is reasonable priced when compared to different programs. Residential parcels are comprised of plots that range between five and fifteen marlas as well as 15 marlas. You also have the possibility to pay for each plot in three installments.


Five-marla plots are available at 6.500,000 and the first cost per plot will be 1.6225,000. The cost per installment will be 600,375. The cost of the area that is 10 acres in the Overseas Block is 11,000,000 with the initial down payment of 2.750,000. The cost per installment is 031,250. Onekanal plots can be purchased for purchase at a price of $25 million. The deposit for the plot is 650,000. Eight installments per month equals 23433.


An installment per month of 8. must be paid to cover the remaining.


Booking a Plot in Overseas Block

When potential buyers have made an offer to buy the entire block that includes Park View City Overseas Block, Park View City Overseas Block they must submit the following forms for the department responsible for it.




Next-to-Kin CNIC Copy


Passport Size Photo (2)


Due to its location in the top-ten block, these are believed to be among the highest assessed blocks because of the position. The selling process for the Overseas Block area is much more quickly. Investors considering investing in this area must contact the department involved immediately.


Market Trend and Plot Possession

This property requires an expansion in order to accommodate residents of Islamabad. Park View City was created to make sure that the housing needs of prisoners are met without any difficulty. The cost of housing is very high in Islamabad and that is that the building of homes for residents such as Park View City will assist in reducing the cost.


When we look at the cost of plots at various places in Islamabad the price could be at least one million dollars to buy. Thus, owning these plots will ensure that the requirements of residents can be met at a reasonable cost.


They are available to all who have purchased the plots. These plots will be released once the time period is over. The voting process is set to be conducted every two weeks to ensure equal distribution of each plot. This is an investment that has the potential of being used for a long period of time and is an investment that has endless possibilities.


Development in Park View City Islamabad

This construction phase is speeding up because the building of foundations is moving along. The development work on blocks A and A is nearing completion The remaining portion of the project expected to be completed in the next few days.


The Block was completed sooner than anticipated and the plant to treat wastewater was built. Its main entranceway as well as its wall border are currently being built and are close to the moment of finalization. The water pipes as well the gas lines are being put in place to assist prisoners. The green areas have been targeted in the building process to ensure that the space remains as natural as it is.


The 200-foot. the longest road connecting Park View City is close to being finished . The road will be able to make the whole portion that is Park View City accessible from the main gate. The roads for accessibility are built to ensure that all of the area is connected via various routes that link different areas within Islamabad.


Balloting for Plots in Park View City Islamabad

Elections across various regions of Park View City is continuing with regular intervals of time. The first vote came out in March of 2019 The following phases will continue until the final parcel is completed. Anyone who has successfully paid off any outstanding debts has the right to cast a vote.


Many famous people from various fields were present during the first phase of vote. Owners were granted the number of plots that they could receive according to the size of their blocks. The vote on expanding the area was conducted at the right place.


The process of balloting is carried out by computers to ensure that there is not a hurdle in the division of an area. If a plot has been allocated to a particular person they will receive the complete file, along with all details for the month of calendar.


Pros and Cons

The benefits of this initiative are many. The only downside to this initiative is that it's costly. Here are some benefits this initiative could bring.


The perfect location to host your event

Absolutly No problems in NoC

Facilities Contrasting with the extravagant areas in Islamabad

Serene Environment

No Pollution

Speedy development

Load-shedding free zone

The site is accessible due to its close proximity to water sources for drinking, which are also available

Considerations Before Purchasing Plot

If someone is thinking of buying a property inside Park View City Islamabad, they should consider these aspects prior to taking a an informed decision about whether or not to be a part of the.


Documents Verification

It is recommended that you read all documents related to this project, including the NOC, so you're sure you're not concerned regarding the amount of money you've contributed into.



It is essential to make sure that your business can pay these expenses through installments or other types of payment. If you're able to accomplish this then you're financially secure.


Visiting Site and Survey

It is recommended to inspect the property to confirm the state on the home. When the property is in good condition and you're looking to purchase this property.


Booking a Plot in Park View City Islamabad

The HTML0 format makes it extremely simple to reserve a space your own at Park View City, Islamabad. Here are the rules you need to follow prior to visiting the office that is responsible for making reservations.


Applicant's CNIC Copy


Nominee's CNIC Copy


Images that have passport size


It will fall in accordance with the outline of the plot



What is Park View City?

The residence is located within Islamabad. Islamabad that will offer lavish living spaces.


The address for Park View City located? To Park View City?

The Zone that lies within Park View City Islamabad is Zone IV in Islamabad close to Bahria Enclave and Malot road.


who is the owner of Park View City?

HTML0's name refers to a firm that was established under by the name Vision Group, and Abdul Aleem Khan is Director of Vision Group.


Do you need been legalized? Park View City Islamabad?

This was a residential project that was endorsed from The CDA. CDA.


What's the different dimensions of plots available for sale to Park View City?

Its measurements are 5 marla, 8 marla 10 10, and one Kanal 2. Kanal 2.


Do you have ever had the following query : does Park View City have an installment plan for plots?

The HTML0 is fast and flexible payment methods that are suitable for residential and commercial plots that are available to interested buyers.


Which is the most effective way to get the most up-to-date details about the owner of the plots within Park View City?

It is the procedure to receive your plots is completed after you have been able to vote.


HTML0 Where do I get the most up-to-date information regarding the construction of Park View City? Park View City?

Building is in progress in the city and is expected to be completed in the coming several months.


This could be an investment option and earn a profit?

The guarantee is a form of the investment is guaranteed for the period and doesn't cause any loss to investors.


What can I do to create ridiculous Pakistani plots that can be used in other countries besides Pakistan?

The process for leasing the land was explained in the earlier section. Investors may visit an office located in the vicinity of their plot to begin the lease process.


What should I do to figure out the most efficient way to determine what the next steps of my plot once the plot has been relocated?

The methods for transfer are different from traditional methods. It is possible to achieve this with the help of an office in the community. The process is completely transparent.


How should I do to reserve rooms to accommodate my relatives at Park View City?

It's simple to reserve the house you'd like to purchase at Park View City. All you need to do is submit all of the necessary documentation to the office affiliated with Park View City Society or perhaps an associated office . They'll then begin the process of purchasing.



Park View City is an incredible project that allows buyers to buy residential and commercial properties within Islamabad. It's the perfect opportunity for investors to acquire property located within Islamabad. The breathtaking facilities and the potential of a positive future prove the potential for investment that is worth making use of.


Banks like Bank Alfalah and Silk Bank offer financing options to buyers purchasing homes at Park View City, so buyers also can benefit from this financing option. It's a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't miss.