Diablo 2 Resurrected provides two ways of Resetting skills, which are different in difficulty and difficulty. RPGStash will focus on these two Resetting skills guides.

Resetting skills are turned on early in the player's adventure and are the easiest and most limited way to do it. But it is very suitable for novice players.

Akara gives you a chance to reset your skills once you clear the evil lair early in the game. However, you can only do it once per difficulty. Whenever you decide to do this, just talk to Akara and choose the option to reset your skills when you're ready.

The Harder Method - Token of Absolution

Token of Absolution is an items that can be used to reset skill points, which can be obtained Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords by dropping dungeons and crafting. It's more of an endgame challenge that tests your patience and dedication. This method will only work for later clearances.

How to get Token of Absolution

Absolution Tokens are only available on Hell difficulty. After unlocking Hell Mode, you must collect four Essences from five Chapter Bosses and combine them into Horadric Cubes.

Twisted Essence of Suffering — Andariel (Act I) and Duriel (Act II)
Charged Essence of Hatred — Mephisto (Act III)
Burning Essence of Terror — Diablo (Act IV)
Festering Essence of Destruction — Baal (Act V)

These are the rare items that drop, and to get them, players must spend a certain amount of energy and patience to brush the screen bosses. If you are not fully prepared, it is difficult to complete, it is strongly recommended that you can properly Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes to enhance your character skills.

After collecting the above 4 essences, you can start to synthesize Token of Absolution. Put one of each essence into the Horadric Cube, and then click the convert button below to get a pardon! If you need to reset your skill points, right-click on the Token of Absolution.