Ahead of its theatrical release, Uncharted star Tom Holland has revealed he'd like to adapt another Naughty Dog game to film with Jak and Daxter. Holland plays Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Naughty Dog's Uncharted series. The Jak and Daxter platformer series launched in 2001 with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, being followed by five other installments and three rereleases on later generation consoles.

Set before the events of the game series, Uncharted stars Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake, who is dragged into a quest to find the lost fortune of Ferdinand Magellan by Mark Whalberg's veteran fortune hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Together, the pair are pitted against Antonio Banderas's rival treasure hunter Moncada and his mercenaries, leading to cargo plane scuffles, undercover jobs at parties, and ancient ruins. After a long, complicated development process, Uncharted will release on February 11. The film is trying to properly replicate the Uncharted video games' imagery, and Holland has already set his sights on another Naughty Dog franchise.

Speaking to GameSpot, Holland revealed Movie News his dream video game adaptation that he would like to work on in the future. Holland quickly replied by saying that he would like to adapt the Jak and Daxter series starring him as the former, but with a few interesting creative choices. The star elaborated by jokingly stating he would produce it alongside A24 so that the film would be darker and more unpredictable. Holland took things a step further, firmly stating it would be in live-action rather than animation, leading to a weird take on Naughty Dog's other popular video game franchise. Check out Holland's response below