The cultivation of herbs is beneficial However, you could allow it to OSRS Gold go for a bit. But I wouldn't consider it the sole thing to consider: just don't ignore it. Learn how to farm and level it up gradually. By the time you're at level 30/35, it's likely that you' be able to make some pretty regular money from it.

The Slayer may not be worth the effort to power train yet. Start it whenever you feel like it. Once you reach the age of 55, it's beneficial because it opens up some handy new stuff However, until you're at the point you'd like to have that do not bother. The program does earn some cash but it's not an income-generating tool. At least not at a minimal level.

Hunter The Hunter: I found this to be a fantastic way to earn money while I was a newly registered member. The chance to earn money from one of these creatures is really beneficial and I'd recommend to see what you can achieve by using that talent. In the past, this was my main source of income. I'm not sure if this is the same today however there's a good chance it's there as well, and at extreme levels that's definitely the case (grenwalls and such).).

So I'm looking to upgrade my current set of armour, and I'm in need of assistance. Which is the best according to your view? Overview: Good defensive, and strength bonuses, but is a little weak in slash as there won't be a defensive player. Torags Legs are also required to be replaced once in a time when it is degraded to 0and also has the benefit of a strong strength.

Overview-Has worse defensive stats over armour set one and is quite costly However, none of RS 2007 Gold the equipment degrades. It has a strong Strength and Prayer bonus which increases the defender's offensive capabilites. Which one should I pick? Feel free to add any changes, but I don't need a DFS as part of the Bandos setup or any Amulets of Furies, or an Berserker Ring because they're 10m and 3m. A little bit of a rip tbh.