Like most players, after a month and a half of conquering missions, upgrading alternate characters and exploring every inch of World of Warcraft's afterlife, my whirlwind romance with the expansion of Shadowlands gradually disappeared. Now, my dwarf character has completed his covenant story campaign, so I don’t feel much motivation to continue the game later.

Why do I feel that I have reached a stagnation point in the Shadowlands adventure. First of all, I am not a raider, so I have no patience or desire to conduct military training through online games to obtain the best equipment and/or bragging rights. Heroes and fabulous systems can do nothing for me. Having played World of Warcraft since its release, I have seen the emergence of extensions, making my old equipment obsolete so many times that I worry about the level of equipment. I do like to dabble in the content of players to players from time to time, but it is more about changing the pace than changing my desire to become a competitive player.

In fact, the important factor is that I play World of Warcraft for this story. I would love to know the characters I have been following since 1994 in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I like the expanding narrative of the game, and I really like making the characters part of the history of the game. I came to that sweet legend. Shadowlands has many interesting stories for me to Buy WOW Classic Gold participate in. In its current form, it also has a fairly clear stopping point.

Once the player character reaches level 60 and completes the initial mission tour of the four afterlife zones of Shadowlands, they will join one of the four expanded covenants-angelic Kyrians, vulgar Necrolords, Night Fae embracing elf, or even today They are dead Venthyr. Each covenant has its own multi-story story campaign, which will slowly unlock as players acquire the infamous conspiracy of their choice.

I chose the Kylian Covenant at level 60. By completing daily and weekly tasks, the relationship with the Great Blue Angel gained popularity. Every two visibility levels will unlock a new campaign mission. Completing these story missions will result in equipment based on the theme of the alliance, which is why poor Stu now looks like an avant-garde statue. Gaining prestige is a slow process. Except for tasks that can only be completed once a week, there are few tasks that reward well-known upgrades. Therefore, Stu, who promised Kyrian to use the Classic WOW Gold sword in mid-December, did not reach the end of his covenant storyline until last week.

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