Players may find that with the Battle for Azeroth expansion, not all professions are as necessary today as they used to be in older expansions.

For one, enchanting continues to be very helpful, as a player can destroy items to create magical dust and then throw the dust on another player’s items to help them out!

Now let’s check out the top five professions in the latest expansion.


Enchanting can be profitable, but takes a heavy time and gold investment to get there. Enchanting is one of the most expensive professions to level, and to make any meaningful income you will need to get access to rare enchanting recipes, most of which drop from Molten Core. This means you will need to be raiding Molten Core, usually as your guild's designated Enchanter to ensure that you are given the recipe drops. Even then, most of the important recipes are incredibly rare, sometimes taking months to drop.

Even if you successfully get the rare enchanting recipes, Enchanting faces another major issue. You cannot "craft" enchants in WoW Classic. The only way to enchant gear is to trade someone and have them put their piece of gear that they want enchanted into the "will not be traded" slot so you can enchant it. This means you cannot use the Auction House to sell your enchants, which severely limits your income potential compared to other professions. The only way to make money is to advertise your enchanting in chat, and have people pay you to enchant their gear, which can take lots of time for a sometimes small profit margin depending on how desirable and rare your recipes are.


Tailoring continues to be very handy to this day, especially when used alongside Enchanting. This profession has always been seen as one that a mage or warlock may use, the classes that require cloth armor. A mage always needs to look their best, especially when casting fire spells that could burn their beautiful robes.

Why Tailoring is Highly Useful:

32-slot and 30-slot bags

Great pairing with enchanting, as you can create magical gear to then disenchant.

Scrap-o-Matic allows for material collection in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Cloth armor and cloaks for dungeons and raids.

Transmog gear for the aesthetic appeal of transmogrifying your gear.

Tailor-only perks that include cloak enchantments and Bind on Pickup cloth armor, which can be very handy for mages and warlocks.


Enchanting makes bank through two methods - first, everyone needs enchants over and over and over and over again. Who provides them? You. You put them on a scroll and you fight on the AH with everyone else to try and push your wares on to the people. The next method is through disenchant, which gives you resources to sell on the AH. Win / Win. For your garrison, even just having the NPC who can enchant is great because you can disenchant your gear and make temporal crystals through work orders so huge win even if you don't have it as your primary and still chase enchanters down without having to get all of the secrets to do your own enchants, but with your own materials


Gathering professions that work well together. The gathering is akin to farming, it takes low skill and knowledge but requires more time. Pick up what you see and learn what to sell to a vendor and what is worth listing on the auction house.

I like herbing over mining for a few reasons. One, you can’t run both of their radars on your minimap at the same time. Two, herbing only requires one click to gather everything. Three, herbs will be in demand longer than ore will when we approach the end of the game. Also, have you seen the prices for higher-level herbs?

Skinning is essentially picking up money others leave behind. Heavy and rugged hides can sell well on the auction house. Otherwise, you’ll mostly be vendoring whatever you skin. But again it is more than you would have had otherwise.


As every alchemist knows, one must take great care in handling the most volatile materials. A good alchemist also knows to always carry potions and be ready for any situation. Alchemy is ideal for maxed characters that are often running through dungeons or raids, as the boost from a potion could make the difference in a challenging boss fight.

Why Alchemy is Highly Useful:

Great way to make money on Auction House, as the competitive players need potions for dungeons and raids.

Pairs perfectly with Herbalism, as it provides you with key mats and then you can also sell older mats you no longer need on the Auction House.

Potions are key to aiding players in dungeons and raids and as an Alchemist, you gain access to flasks in addition to the potions.

Mixology ability for Alchemists, extending the duration of potions for Alchemists.

Transmutation, which allows the alchemist to convert mats they do not need into mats they do need.

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