Citations are a crucial part of every assignment. If you are wondering how to cite sources in assignment, then you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, you will get to see how you should in-text sources. The guideline will work for any type of convention. If you want to cote your assignment in Griffith citation style, use our griffifth reference tool

  • Single author

Block quotes

In this case, you just have to quote the lines from prose or poetry and in-text the source. For example, "The shot was taken from an angle… worked out really well as far as the story  was concerned.”

  • Direct quote

Here, you just quote a sentence, fact, or question, and then you include the in-text. E.g.: (Jeremiah, 8-10).

  • Paraphrasing

You can paraphrase the narrative or sentences and include the citation in a different way. For example, ‘As per Keith, the shot was captured from an angle….” (8)

  • Multiple works by the same author

Just add a short form of the title following the comma, e.g. (Jeremiah, “Planning” 15).

  • Works by multiple authors with the same surname

In this case, you have to add the author’s first initial or, the full first name, e.g. (K. Jeremiah 15).

  • Two authors

You should incorporate both authors’ last names connected by and, e.g. (Eliot and Sanko 35-36).

  • Three or more authors

You must use the first author’s name followed by et al., e.g. (Johnson et al. 8)

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  • No author

If the work is published without the writer's name, make use of the title (in italics, abbreviated if necessary) and page number/s within the parenthesis, e.g. (Walters 17). Or, you can just use the page number/s, if the title appears within the body of the content. Be careful not to list the author as "anonymous."

  • Indirect Sources

Whenever you cite texts or references taken from a non-primary source, add the abbreviation of the phrase "quoted in" (qtd. in) to the citation, e.g.

Arthur McNally (qtd. in Good Clicks 101) uses the long exposure in reference to "adding drama to the composition."

  • No Page Numbers

If the page number of any work is unavailable (usually in the case of a website), use just the author's surname (or title if no author name is present) in the parenthesis. For example: (Henry)

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For example: British laws (McDermott's, par. 170-650) define the function of a university as follows:

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