Smilegate and Tripod Studio gave players detailed instructions on how to prepare for Lost Ark's upcoming game, and they also listed preload times, dates, and servers.

The Western version of Lost Ark first released last June in partnership with original developer Smilegate, and as the game's launch draws ever closer, the developer has detailed a few things Cheap Lost Ark Gold players need to know before launch.

Among them, one of the important details is when players can start downloading Lost Ark before the game is officially released. February 7th at 9AM PT is when players can pre-download the game, and this time is available whether or not the Founders Pack has been purchased. In addition, it should be noted that there is no option to reserve characters or names in the early stage. Players can only save names through the character customization screen.

For players who have already purchased the Founders Pack, they can play the game early on February 8th at 9:00AM PT. The Founders Pack offers players various benefits, including participation in special titles released by Lost Ark or exclusive pet companions. These packs are available on Steam or Amazon.

Lost Ark Gold

In Lost Ark, players can engage in many fun activities, including fishing, hunting, and circumnavigating the globe. Players can sail to private island resorts and build strongholds upon arrival.

Additionally, the developer lists Lost Ark's servers and daily and weekly reset times, which are set at 1am or later, depending on the region's time zone. Core content such as raids, dungeons, and PVP will also be adjusted to maintain optimal local time.

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